Of Mice and Men, Why I Think It Should it be a Classic?

Dear Literary Canon Board of Directors, I am writing this letter because i feel that Of Mice and Men should be a classic. The first reason is because it shows how to focus on your dreams, for example; George and Lennie start out poor and cant do much, but go out and work. Another example would be that George lies to be able to get a job to make himself and Lennie happy, also George always protected Lennie, so they could move forward and leave the place that they were in. The second reason is how people treated other people because George treated Lennie as a brother and always had his back, Lennie always protected some people and followed the rules he was taught, also some of the people in that town framed Lennie for stuff, so they went out to try to kill him for all that he has done. The final reason is people today have to work for what they want no matter what the cost/outcome is because George had to kill Lennie, so everything could be okay, Starting off with nothing to get something, also making friends and learning on what they went through and to protect them.

As you can see, i think the book should be classic because in the book it shows on what some people are going through today, for example; a homeless person has to start all over to try to become what they want and they will do anything in there power to make it happen. I hope that you will consider this choice for the literary canon. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Courtney T.

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