One Disturbed Existence

Caligula Full name: Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus Status: Dead, at present.

Occupation: Emperor of Rome from 37-41 AD Years of existence: 12-41 AD Caligula (meaning “Little Boots”) was born on August 31st, in the year 12 AD. His father was the adopted son and nephew of the Roman emperor Tiberius. Caligula served in only two public positions in the years 31 and 33; otherwise, he had had no previous political experience before becoming emperor in 37 after Tiberius’ death. The events surrounding Tiberius’ death are controversial: some people state that the man died of old age or other natural causes, but most people tend to think that Caligula’s personal guard suffocated Tiberius. During the first year of Caligula’s reign as emperor over Rome, he did much to better the country.

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He treated the Senate with great respect, emancipated prisoners, and even began to hold chariot races. After a year as ruler, however, the fellow was said to have suffered a terrible sickness that left him, well, rather a loony tune. Reportedly, after the illness, his mental state deteriorated rapidly. He began to harass the Senate members; he murdered a plethora of people- even his own son; he viewed himself as a god and even built temples to himself. Additionally, while on a mission to attack Britain, Caligula ordered his armies to stop at the English Channel. Why? To collect seashells.

He called seashells “the spoils of the sea.” Caligula was said to have made his beloved horse…a senator, according to some reports. Other historians believe that he actually made his horse high priest in a temple devoted to himself. In 41 AD, Caligula, along with his fourth wife and only daughter, were assassinated by the Praetorian Guard. Not many people missed Emperor Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus.