One Less Day of School

No person should have to spend five days a week at school. I consider it beneficial to take one day off school for students. Is it so wrong to give students an extra day of break from academics? Having an extra day off keeps our minds from tiring out and raises our chances of success.

Having this time off will help students have more time to complete their homework. It is of greater good to receive an extra day. Why must we unwilling to go to school? If we had an extra day, every student would work better and get better grades. This incentive provides positive effects in education. Even though it could possibly mean less pay for teachers, it has a greater positive result for students to catch up on homework and study for tests. What price must we pay to get an extra day of relaxation? It will take some time to adjust to a three-day weekend, but it is worth it.

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Being successful will be easier for students to accomplish. We must have a three-day weekend to help us with our education and to be successful in life. More free time will help us do better and keeps students from being overstressed with work. In conclusion, being overstressed will lead to failing grades. Another reason we need an extra day is that it helps students get more work done so they do not have to stay up all night finishing their homework or studying for a test. Most people will benefit from an extra day even though some will procrastinate and waste the time.

Even playing sports and exercising is beneficial usage of an extra day. It is how you use it that makes it important.