One State or Two States

The conflict and differences between Israel and Palestine has been discussed by various news agencies for many years . The article above dissects this problem and tries to analyze the possible solutions it. There are two solutions which seem to fit the most. Although, these two solutions are complex to implement , each has its own pros and cons.

The other factor to consider is that each solution has its share of supporters and opponents. Reconciliation is vital between these two groups if any of the solution is to be a success. The article tries to study nationalism in both Palestine and Israel and tries to get a way to use nationalism to bring harmony in the region. The main purpose of this article is to come up with a way of getting a lasting solution to the conflict in this region. The article makes a comparison of the the states and the two states solutions. The international communities and both governments of Israel and Palestine are of the opinion that the only remedy to this conflict is to form two independent states.

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However, territorial division is hihly subjective, and the two-state solution is hardly attainable.The one state solution calls for unification of two communities i.e., the Israel Jews and the Palestinians. The solution is based on nationalism. Nationalism advocates for political identity and citizenry.

Nationalism can serve to divide any region, a situation that is contrary to the one state solution. Sharing of resources, for example, water resources which are limited is a hindrance to the one state solution. The article also connects religion and nationalism of the two regions. The conflict between the two regions is geopolitical, a fight for the same land. However, there is an opinion that the conflict is over religious division between the Arabic and the Jewish regions.

A group adding voice to this debate is the Hamas Movement. The movement is in support of an independent state of Palestine governed by Islam . The movement blames Israel for turning the conflict into a religious one. This is by turning their religion into their state. Hamas message to Israel is that they solely fight them politicallyy.

The article also finds a way to use religion to unify the region. Christianity, Hinduism and Islam, are all Abrahamic faiths. The same values and roots bind these religions together. Judaism and Islam have a close relationship as both of them stress on a society that follows the will of God. The two religions make an emphasis on the correct societal norms. The closeness of these two religions can help to achieve the peace that is so vital for ending the conflict in this region.

However, what is the origin of this conflict? The British support of Jewish migration into Palestine and the Palestinian revolt are at the core. The 1948 Nakba catastrophe led to a lot of bloodshed and massacres1. This was because of the 1947 formation of Israel state had the effect of destabilizing the Palestinian national movement. Later, a Christian rises to power within the Palestine community. The rise of other Christians in the congress party leads to the formation of Palestine Liberation organization (PLO).

This organization has been at the center of this conflict ever since.