Online Videos Replace Open House

This 2012 school year, a teacher led committee decided on using videos instead of an open house. Each teacher has made a video that compiles all the information that would be at an open house. The videos are available on the teacher’s webpage. This year, our school is not doing the traditional open house. In the past, students have come to an open house where they can meet their teachers along with learn about the class that they are taking.

Now parents and children can go onto the school website and watch videos instead of coming to school. These videos contain information including homework, online grading, and much more pertaining to the class. All teachers were instructed to have their videos completed and uploaded to their individual webpage’s by the end of the week. When Mrs.Laugerman was asked about the teacher videos she said, “The videos were a chance to add a personal touch, since the first parent teacher conferences are on September twenty-seventh.” The idea for online videos is to learn about the teachers prior to school starting.

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Not only do the teachers talk about class requirements and grading but they also go into details about their teaching past. Some teachers will give information like what college they went to, why they teach what they teach, or what they have done so far.