Only You Can Prevent Obesity

Something that is commonly being asked is, should kids have to take gym? Well, some may say yes, some may so no, but I am going to say that kids must have gym class. There are so many good reasons why kids need to take gym. Kids need to have gym! To start kids need to take gym class because of the number one reason which is…

their health. Now days kids and teenagers are starting to get more obese younger and younger. This is all because of unhealthy eating and not enough physical activity (gym). CDC’s studies have shown that in twenty years that Colorado has the only obesity prevalence less than twenty percent in the United States. In my grade there are only a few kids that are considered overweight but as the years go by more and more are adding to the list. Now some of these kids are being checked out or excused during their gym class period and it is just getting worse.

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So, to help all this we need to continue having gym and possibly have parents receive progress reports on their kids to see how they are doing. Without gym more kids will get fatter younger and faster. Another thing to worry about is the kids social life. Everyone knows about the kids who never talk in school and just go with the flow. Parenting science says that gym class can help improve social skills in so many ways. First of all in gym you learn how to work as a team and help each other.

When kids learn this in gym they can apply it, and do apply it in other classes as well, for example group projects. Secondly it helps all of the kids get to know each other. Finally gym helps students problem solve by all the games and puzzles gym has included in it. A problem is, is that kids say that gym is a waste of time, to frustrating, and has no point of having it being a school class. On the website For And Against the people say they need more time for school work.

But what about the relief gym is to some of the kids, to get away from all the work and relax. Also some say that kids are to competitive and can get to serious. I can agree on this and I know that I can get very frustrated sometimes when a kid can’t do something right and can sometimes be put down. There is a solution! There can be a gym class for advanced students and for more competitive ones. That way there is an equal level of skill.

Finally the fact is that gym class can help people in so many ways. A very important reason for me and a number of my teammates agree that in our off season of sports gym is the key to staying in shape, remain skill level, and improves our game. Without gym we would lose all that we worked hard for in our early sports. Gym is the class that syncs our sports and activities together. Also when I take gym it is s good to be relieved of normal class work and to do what I love which is playing games.

Now you know that kids need to take gym, to stay healthy and in shape, to help with individual progress, and to keep kids on track with life. Something you can do to help a kid is push or to motivate them when they disagree with gym. Without gym who knows what could happen to kids.