Operating Models or Innovation

This essay evaluates the efficacy of operating models within McLure’s Publishing House.

In addition, it looks at the effectiveness of process of integration with the book distributors describing its benefits and drawbacks. Besides, it analyses the information obtained from a series of interviews to enable a better understanding of the operating models of the publishing house. According to the literature, operating models vary with the objectives of the management as well as the size of the publishing house. In addition, the process of integration between the central offices and the associates is essential for effective distribution of publications (Hugh C., 1911). McLure’s Publishing House has an operating model whereby the central office coordinates almost all the activities of the company.

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For instance, the central office determines the editorial policies including acquiring appropriate titles for different publications. Besides, it is responsible for printing, calculation of the costs of printing as well as distribution of the publications. Although this helps them ensure that quality of their publications is nearly stable, it significantly slows down the overall pace of operations. That is why the company must try a devolved operations model, where the associated presses retain some bit of autonomy. For instance, the mmber presses should be allowed to control their editorial decisions. This must include selection and subsequent acquisition of editorial titles.

This will improve the speed of operations as the work load would be distributed to a relatively larger group of people. However, printing services and calculation of publishing costs could be left for the central office. Besides, the central office should retain direct links with the distributor as this would enable bulk distribution of publications from different presses at the same time (Abelson, 2005).According to the information obtained from the series of interviews, McLure’s Publishing House must acquire more presses that are already well established in the market. This is because the major challenge to their success is the competition from other smaller publishing houses that have acquired more popular presses. As such, it will significantly change their income if they adopt this strategy.

In fact, they stand a better chance of gaining it considering that their financial position is relatively stronger than that of their major competitors. Besides, it must seek more partnerships with institutions that would order bulk publications. As such, it may be necessary to change the top leadership in an attempt to get robust and effective negotiators who would seek stronger partnerships (Schiffrin A., 2000). Besides, the choice of book distributors should be strategically made to ensure that it is one that has a good repute in the market.

This is because prospective customers could easily shy away from the services of the company because they do not like the distributing company. Although the central office cannot do everything including book distribution, however, it may be necessary that it takes some responsibility in distributing the publications. Indeed, McLure’s Publishing House may have to register a distribution firm that they would manage under their brand name. Essentially, this would save them the loss of potential customers and get good profits as their operations would be quite diversified (Hugh C., 1911).In conclusion, the operation model of McLure’s Publishing House must be a bit more innovative and ensure they operate in line with the market expectations.

This can ideally be achieved through a constant market research including similar interviews. However, they should be keen in implementing proposals involving different companies. For instance, the proposals concerning the choice of a strategic distributor should not be used as the final basis of making such choices. This would make the perfect way to avoid falling prey to the whims of their competitors while offering quality services to their clients (Schiffrin A., 2000).