opinion of faith

Opinion of faith! “Does anybody know what the word faith means”? Asked Ms. Johnson. “I think it means when something happens for a reason,” answered Jason. Jason was the shy one in the class. He always answered every question.

“That’s right Jason”, responded Ms. Johnson. “Does anybody believe in faith?” “No, I think it is all a big lie. Everything happens just to happen and it is not planned out, “said Chris. Chris was the class clown; he would always get in trouble.

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He was so funny it was as if he wrote the book of jokes. He argues with lawyer experience. “I think it’s real”, quietly replied Destiny. “I think that plans out your life and your choices”. Destiny was the popular one an head cheerleader in her school.

“Can I leave from tutoring already?” question Jacob. He was the captain of the basketball team and always had his head on the desk.” I need to leave I have a game to go to!” “Not until you share your opinion on faith.” Answered Ms. Johnson.

” I support Chris’s idea because I think that you make your own decisions and plan out your own future. “so can I go now?” “No Jacob, we still have ten more minutes of tutoring. “Ms. Johnson answered. ” Yall are both wrong, of course faith is real!” Destiny shouted.

“No your wrong! ” replied both Chris and Jacob. “Settle down class nobody’s wrong, “said Ms. Johnson. ” Do you have anything to say Jason? “Uhh, no Ms. Johnson” Jason replied, but his face was red as a tomato. “Okay then since time is up and no one has anymore opinions I want each and every one of you to write a quick story of why faith is real or not real, Ms.

Johnson commanded. Okay, Ms. Johnson I’m going to prove Destiny wrong,” answered Chris. “Yeah right, im going to prove both of you wrong!” replied Destiny. “You guys may leave now and also faith might help, yall with your stories, “Ms.

Johnson shouted at the kids running out the door.