Vince Standard Case Study

Marina had Joined the bank eight months ago as manager In charge of the consumer loan sections. There were eight loan sections In all, and her duties were both interesting and challenging. But for some reason there had been a trend in the past six months of decreasing loan volume and increasing payment delinquency. The month- end report to which she reacted showed that the past month was the worst in both categories in several years.

Vince Standard, the president, had been impressed by her credentials and aggressiveness when he hired her.

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Marina had been in the business for 10 years and was the head loan officer for nee of the bank’s competitors. Her reputation for aggressive pursuit of business goals was almost legendary among local bankers. She was active in the credit association and worked long, hard hours. Vince believed that she was the ideal person for the position.

When he hired her, he had said, ” Marina, you’re right for the Job, but I know It won’t be easy for you. Dave Qatar, who heads one of the loan sections, also wanted the Job. In fact, had you turned down our offer, It would have been Dive’s.

He is well liked around here, and I also respect him. I don’t think you’ll have any robbers working with him, but don’t push him too hard at first.

Let him get used to you, and I think you’ll find him to be quite an asset. ” But Dave was nothing butt ” pain in the neck” for Marina. She sensed his resentment from the first day she came to work. Although he never said anything negative, his aggravating way of ending most conversations with her was, ” Okay, Boss Lady. Whatever you want is what we’ll do.

” When loan volume turned down shortly after her arrival, she called a staff meeting with all of the section heads.

As she began to explain that volume was off, he thought she noticed several of the section heads look over to Dave. Because she saw Dave only out of the corner of her eye, she couldn’t be certain, but she thought he winked at the other heads. That action Immediately angered her? and she felt her face flush. The meeting accomplished little, but each section head promised that ten next Mont would De netter.

In Tact, ten next Mont was worse, Ana can subsequent month followed that pattern. Staff meetings were now more frequent, and Marina was more prone to explode angrily with threats of what would happen if hey didn’t improve.

So far she had not followed through on any threats, but she thought that ” now’ might be the time. To consolidate her position, she had talked the situation over with Vince, and he had said rather coolly, ” Whatever you think is necessary. ” He hadn’t been very friendly toward her for several weeks, and she was worried about that also. ” So,” Marina thought to herself, ” I wonder what will happen if I FL re Dave.

If I get him out of here, will the others shape up? On the other hand, Vince might not support me. But maybe he’s Just waiting for me to take charge.

It might even get me back in good graces with him. ” Discussion Questions 1 . What role did personality play in the situation at the bank? Which of the Big Five personality traits most clearly influenced Marina and Dave? Which of the cognitive and motivational aspects of personality played a role? 2.

Working within the bounds of her personality, what should Marina have done when trouble first seemed to be brewing? How could she have maintained Dive’s Job satisfaction and commitment? 3. How should Marina proceed now that the situation has become very difficult?