Organizational Trend

Success in any business involves various aspects which are usually aimed at augmenting good performance. Due to high completion among companies and higher expectations, many companies if not all expect outstanding performance from their employees to favorably compete with the global demands.

Apart from professional competence possessed by employees, human resource managers around the world have a pivotal role in ensuring that good performance results are delivered by every employer. As a result, there is need to create an appropriate working atmosphere which inspires employees to perform beyond what they assume to be their maximum potential. An environment that recognizes and appreciates any single effort invested towards achieving organizational goals and objectives. Such an environment is referred to as High Performance Workplaces. High performance work places are essential in promoting performance as opposed to productivity which is the driving principle of traditional business management.

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High performance can therefore be defined as an environment aimed at making workers more effective in fostering the achievement of goals and business values. It encompasses focusing on a balance in investing in employees, technology, physical conditions and processes. It gives workers an opportunity to learn, discover, and become creative and innovative, work together as a team for maximum efficiency and financial gain. According to a high performance, workers are usually at the center of executing strategic plans. As a result operations and the infrastructure of any organization should aim at supporting those who are at the heart of executing company strategies. HPW further gives opportunities for both individuals and groups to grow and realize their performance peak with minimal or zero strain (Gartner, 2005).

A High performance workplace has a defined goals and objectives that drive the performance of workers. Executives of any organization have to communicate to workers regarding the objectives and values which need to guide every worker. They also need to exercise good leadership skills aimed at promoting performance among workers. This environment is also characterized by support and encouragement of workers. Mangers should make the employees feel as part of the organization in achieving set goals. This can be achieved through good communication and understanding.

HPW further motivates workers through creation of career opportunities, incentives and appreciation of workers efforts (Gartner, 2005). It is clear that no single organization can achieve its set goals without a high performance Workplace. Managers should be on the fore front in generating such an environment which is essential in achieving business goals and objectives.