Overcoming odds

Transition from elementary school to middle school Transition can be hard. Change brings about a whole new realm of possibilities, a whole new realm of challenges but also many opportunities. Everyone adapts differently, some love the idea of new, others are fearful and will do almost anything to stop change and yet others may not like change they will still accept it. I suppose I fall into the latter category I may not like change but eventually I will learn to love the change brought upon me. A big change for me has been switching from elementary to middle school.

A big hurdle, one that I almost fell on my face, was the homework in elementary school to middle school, everything came super easy for me in elementary school I got straight A’s without even trying. Then in middle school, not so much in sixth grade but the homework got harder and my lazy work habits caught up to me when therewas stuff that didn’t come naturally. I still struggle with it today. The teachers are more set in stone with due dates in 1st-5th grade if I wason one days late it didn’t matter too much but now in middle school you have to call home and you get 10% off everyday you day you turn it in late. Another strugglein writing normally Inaturally pretty good at it, but thatwhen I could write hunting, survival, and fantasy stories.

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A new change was the teachers, Believe it or not, I teacher’s pet with almost every elementary school teacher. Especially since my fifth grade teachermy best friends mom. The teachers are less lenient with homework. The teachers are more set in stone with their due dates, less lenient with what goes on inside the classroom, teach harder subjects and give more homework, which affects procrastinators like me. The social atmosphere very different because the “Lakeland Losers” joined schools with us in middle school so all the normal social order thecarefully made after six years in our own habitats or elementary schools,thrown into disarray with about fifty new kids that you were expected to know their names and their social status. With that and everything else going on you were also expected to get used to being on the bottom of the grade levels again.

There is fifty new people to meet, fifty new personalities, fifty new people to mess up the carefully arranged social ladder, and fifty more judgements on people all that you were required to keep straight. Teachers, homework, and the social atmosphere is my change my challenge I adapted to the changes made friends with the “Lakeland Losers”, got used to the homework, almost, and got used to the teachers new way of teachers teaching. Change can be good it tests you, can make you who you are, makes you stronger or it can break you. For me though changing schools may be a minor change it had a bigger impact on my life.