Patagonia, Inc. (clothing)

The company’s mission statement declares their determination to “build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis”. This company has proven that charging a premium price for experienced products Is a solid business model and they follow it.

Based on what I have learned about Patagonia and Yves Schoolyard’s Ideals Is they do not have to choose between business practical and environmental friendly, with their reiterative and innovation they have both.

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This company really gives you what they promise on their products, they build useful things that last, repair what breaks and recycle what comes to the end of Its useful life. Demand for environmentally-friendly services and products continue to grow, consumers are willing to pay high prices In exchange for high quality and sustainable products. Patagonians success Is a testament to Its viable business model. 2.

Patagonia must remain true to Yves Cinnabar’s vision after he leaves. The company should continue to provide its core beliefs and values into every product it produces. Maintain innovative designs. Exceptional quality, and environmental ingenuity is the key to continue being profitable and successful. The Patagonia philosophy must continue to preach leading a green revolution and their online The Footprint Chronicles to allow customers to track where all Patagonians product are made, profiles of the social and environmental practices of key suppliers as well as profiles of key independent partners.

Considering the rapidly growing group of consumers looking to buy sustainable solutions it would be a mistake for the company not to make Yves Cinnabar’s ideal a permanent part of the company’s culture.