Performance Aspects

Singing is a very beautiful human skill, which is referred to as art. They say while a person is singing his/her soul can be heard.

That is a great pleasure to hear it, especially when it is a solo with piano; because a singer and piano complement each other. Every person can sing, but not everyone can do it in a good way. Some people are talented by nature, and other should develop their singing skills. The result of a stage performance depends on the pianist and on the singer. There are many popular celebrities that can make a perfect show, and all fans are satisfied with it.

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But they work very hard on it that is why superstars show the best results. If a person has the opportunity to make a vocal performance with piano accompaniment, he/she needs to get prepared. So the key question is, how to begin practicing? First of all, one needs to develop his/her singing breath as it is extremel important. Singing breath is the basic of good singing. It should be smooth, free and promoting coordination of all natural systems involved in phonation. Only natural calm breathing, organized in accord with singing, creates conditions for clear sounding.

Aurally the percepted sound is full and beautiful.Singing inhalation and exhalation are divided by instant inhibition of breathing, followed by exhalation. Instant breath holding before playing a sound is the moment of fixation position of breathing. A correct posture is highly significant for implementation of the proper breathing while singing. The main role plays appropriate body and head position: the chest should be straightened, and the head should not be thrown back. Exercises are also primary for the formation and development of vocal skills.

As you know, exercise is a specially organized action, which aims to improve the qquality of performance. The main postures of the head and body are: standing firmly on the both feet hands relaxed and shoulders straightened; the head should not be raised up or bent down.Apart from vocal exercises, it is necessary to do psychological training. For if a person is afraid of the scene, he/she can experience lack of self-confidence; that is why it is important to sing at home looking in the mirror and imagining a performance before a large audience. Following these instructions one will never be afraid of the scene and audience.

The second method is to ask the members of your family or friends to listen to your vocal performance. It is worth remembering that a good result of the performance depends on the singer and the pianist. So they need to listen to each other. That means that the singer should pay attention to the rhythm of the pianist while performing, and vice versa. This will help achieve a successful performance.