Personality Theories

1. Automation conformity is changing one’s ideal self to what the society prefer type thus, losing one’s true self. For example, a woman may apply make up to prove to the society that she is beautiful even though she does like applying make up.

2. Pathology of normalcy is the issues of human mental health. Fromm talks about the issues of mental health that causes people to behave the way they do. For example, what causes a man to be lazy? 3. Having Mode is living by what one has.

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If a person does something because he has something then he is said to be living a having mode. For example, in marketing one has to sell. 4. Higher esteem needs are the human desire to be valued and respected by others. It is in the fourth position of the pyramid of the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs from the base. For example a parson may participate in sports like basketball and people referring to him as a good basketball player gives the person a high self esteem.

5. Being cognition is the need to know oneself and theworld as well. For example, a person may participate in football after considering if he has what it takes to be a good footballer. 6. Organismic valuing process is evaluation of one self and trusting ones own perception. For example, a person can learn to be himself without trying to copy other people and believing in himself.

7. The incongruent self is a situation where the personal identity and self image is different from the person’s experience. For example, a person may consider himself not arrogant while others see him as an arrogant person. 8. Will to meaning is a situation where the people want to be important in the society. For example the person may want to be a teacher to be important in the society.

9. Existential vacuum is a situation where people lack meaning and they end up doing things that can hurt them or other people. For example, a man without a job may spend his time drinking alcohol and getting drunk the whole day. 10. Anticipatory Anxiety can be when the eexpecting to do extremely well in something and mostly the person ends up doing worse because of being nervous when doing the act.

For example, during an exam a person may be expecting an exam to be difficult that even if the exam is easy the person may do poorly because of the anxiety he suffered before the exam. 11. Ontological insecurity of engulfment comes up when the person feels not important. For example a person may feel as not beautiful. 12.

Unembodied self is regarded as a situation where the person disowns the body and regards the body as a secondary state of mind. For example, a person may feel if she was not fat she would be beautiful.13. Care is the way of showing concern for another person. For example when a person gives food to another person he is caring about that person.

14. Essential freedom is the liberty that may be given to a person to do something freely. The freedoms may include the freedom of worship, movement, expression and speech. For example, a person should enjoy liberty to choice who to worship.