Persuasive Essay: The Right to Education

IntroductionWithin this essay I will provide sufficient logic and evidence to prove that education is a right that all people deserve. In the developed world it is a right that may be met with an actual education, but in other countries there is no formal education system and it is a shame those people are denied access to an education. This essay will prove that it is the right of all people to have a formal education. BodyThere are some people that throw away their education. They are given the right to it, a right that was fought with the blood of their ancestors, and they throw it away because it is not fun and it is inconvenient.

Their discarding of their education is no reason why the right should be revoked. Some people do not know a good thing when they have it, and their ignorance will only spread if people are denied the right to education. The right to an education should be present so that people can make a choice as to whether they exercise that right.Bill Cosby has been criticized heavily for telling things the way they are. He was accused of turning his back on the black community because he said that black people have themselves to blame if things are going bad.

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One of his points was that a black person may call another person “white” in a derogatory fashion if he or she is caught studying. Yet, he also pointed out that a person fresh from Africa will go to a library and study for free if needs be, just so that he or she may have an education. As Bill Cosby points out, there are attitudes that make it appear as if the right to an education is a bad thing, but when you see the attitude of a person that comes from a country without a formal education system then it becomes obvious that the right to an education is a good thing. Ignorance will only spread further if people are not shown how to make informed decisions. Education teaches people how to learn and conduct their own studies. It teaches people how to think critically and shows how the life choices of other people have led to bad situations.

An education can teach all of this to a child so that the child need not live in ignorance all of his or her life. ConclusionThere is the obvious conclusion that education is needed because people need an education to get a job. Though that is a good point, this essay also pointed out that the right to an education should not be denied because some people have it and turn their back on it. People have the right to an education, and choosing to exercise that right is up to them. There is also the fact that ignorance will spread and people will not develop into thinking adults without the benefit of education. Results based education systems may miss this point, but education can lead to a person learning how to think critically and learning how to make informed adult decisions.