Persuasive Speech: I Should Be the Next School Prefect

I should be your next school prefect because I have all the best things to offer the position and the establishment.

To start with, I have an engaging and positive attitude that makes it easy to relate to students and staff. Not only that, but I am cheerful and love to take on new challenges. I have plenty of experience working with others in a leadership role so I am prepared to take on this duty with all the necessary achievements and requirements under my belt. One of my main jobs will be working with the students and staff at the school to help them deal with both positive and negative issues that arise on campus. I will help each one of them give voice to their needs and wants so that we can work together to create the perfect school environment for everyone.

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I will meet with the headmaster on a regular basis to problem solve and come up with solutions to issues that students might be having at school. Each and every student should know that I am on their side and promise to make school as great as it can be for them.When it comes to my qualifications, I believe I have what it takes to make a great leader. I have a confidence that makes it simple for me to speak before a crowd in a proficient and knowledgeable way. I enjoy answering questions about myself and am always willing to discuss issues and assist in finding a solution.

I am easy to talk to and promise to take each issue seriously so that students feel heard and understood, no matter what they might be facing.I am good at communicating what needs to be done as well as my appreciation for the help that others give me. I’m not afraid to ask for help when I need it and would rather admit it than try to solve a problem alone, only to find out that I’m not equipped to do so without assistance. I am also able to plan large events, such as holiday parties and enjoy working as part of a team. I am able to share ideas and tasks with my group and am able to give up some control for the good of everyone involved. You will always find me open and willing to talk, both about the good and the bad.

As a prefect, I want to help the school be the best it can be by partnering with students, staff and parents to ensure that each problem is solved and make the school a fun and educational environment for each and every student that attends. I want to take on the role of prefect so that I can continue in this tradition and use my talents and time to create the perfect school for anyone. Each student will feel happy and at home at school and parents will be assured that their child will be safe on campus and will get a superior education while they are here.In summary, I love what being a prefect means for me and my fellow students. I want this experience to further enhance my life and my experience, but I also want to share what I have to offer with other students. This school has provided me with so many opportunities and chances to learn and I feel like it’s my duty to give back by becoming a prefect and giving something back to the school and the students and staff that are here on a daily basis.

Thank you!