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Section A Remember the assignment answers are guidelines. It is expected of students to write in more detail, apply theory and think outside the box. 1. 1 Vision statement Most students did well and received full marks 5 facts = 5 marks 1. 2 Mission statement Most students did well and received full marks 10 facts = 5 marks 1. 3 Competitors analysis Students gave the answer of Q1.

and analysed 3 competitors of Apple Describe background of IT industry with focus on Apple (5 marks) Use Porters Competitors analysis to analyse Apple (5 marks) 10 facts = 10 marks 1. 4 Three different competitors of Apple Inc Describe 3 competitors (6 marks) Use Porters Competitors analysis to analyse competitors (9 marks) 10 facts = 5 marks 1. 5 SWOT Most students did well in this question 10 facts = 5 marks Section B 1 PEST & SWOT Only a few students managed to complete this question.PEST and SWOT are certainly two different perspectives: ? ? ? PEST assesses a market, including competitors, from the standpoint of a particular proposition or a business. SWOT is an assessment of a business or a proposition, whether your own or a competitor’s.

Strategic planning is not a precise science – no tool is mandatory – it is a matter of pragmatic choice as to what helps best identify and explain the issues. ? PEST becomes more useful and relevant the larger and more complex the business or proposition.For very small local businesses a PEST analysis can still throw up one or two very significant issues that might otherwise be missed. ? The four quadrants in PEST vary in significance depending on the type of business (e. g.

social factors are more obviously relevant to consumer businesses or a B2B business close to the consumer-end of the supply chain, whereas political factors are more obviously relevant to a global munitions supplier or aerosol propellant manufacturer). All businesses benefit from a SWOT analysis, and all businesses benefit from completing a SWOT analysis of their main competitors, which interestingly can then provide some feedback into the economic aspects of the PEST analysis. 10 facts = 5 marks Porter’s Generic analysis 45% of the students interpreted this question incorrect and discussed Porter’s 5 forces Industry Remember Porter created the following: ? ? ? ? Competitor’s analysis Porter’s 5 forces Industry Value Chain 10 facts = 5 marks 2