Peter Miller

Many of use learned to believethat early In life that other people determine our happiness. The truth of the matter ishappiness don’tcome from other people it comes from yourself and the things that you have accomplished throughout your life up to that point. This comes from choosingyour own criteria that you are happy with”you do you” go for what makes you happy. We constantly judge our life with what we did or what we didn’t do so in the endhappiness just a bunchof external forces that we can control in life.

In the book Ethan Frome the main caricterEaten had been shown throughout that all the decisions on happiness/love were all based onexternal things or possessionsthat in the end created tension and anxiety in his life.Because of thisthe character isstuck in a bitter love triangle from which escape is impossible. Edith Wharton’s fresh take on this timeless themeshows how a lack of accomplishment and free life can twist and warp human beings almost beyond recognition/love. This sows that Accomplishing things pleases many people helping them tobuild a strong relation shipfocused around 2 common interests. With only two ways to findhappiness (short term and and long term). You start to see thathappiness is as different as you perceive it.

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Allof Ethan fromdecisions onhappiness were based off of all short term quick happiness that came from out side or from other people.Evidence to support the argument states “free to go about his business again and talk with other men, had restored his shaken sense of what he had to own her “, “a long established intimacy hitch no out burst of emotion could have given,and he set his imagination drift on the fiction that they he spent their eveningand this always go doing so”. this shows that in Eaten frames life he mostly hade lived off the intention of quick and untestedhappiness and without a life to back up his thinking forced him to pick thequick easy way out of the situation. External influences willalways affectand influence your accomplishments and how happy you feel superficially and temporarily. In the end if Ethan had a baseline of self-acceptancethat was strong/and he would of thinkers things through. Having a free life or ideas help people to take responsibility for their own happiness by helping them develop and work on them selfs rather then focusing on there quick mental reaction and natures normal course.

In the book”his father death and his misfortunes following it, had put a premature end to Ethan young life. had lived for all his life tied to people not letting him stay or work on the things that he felt were important”. This shows that conflict occurs between his passions and the constraints placed on him by society, which control his conscience and impede his fulfillment of his has one night alone with Mattie, he cannot help but be reminded of his domestic duties as he sits in his chair , once filled with aspirations, finds instead that he is lashed to a wife whom he loathes and to a near dead farm that he cannot sell or keep alive and plentiful. His large plan is to dump everything and run away to the West, but he cannot bring himself to lie to his neighbors in order to procure the necessary money—and so on. In the end, Ethan opts out of the battle between his desires. Lacking the courage and strengtha man with so little time to grow taught that life could be forced out the back doorchoosingto abandon life’s burdens and run away without responsibility.

As the environment around you changes,the attribute success and failure to things you have control over, or to forces outside your People who develop an internal locus of control believe that they are responsible for their own success. Those with an external forces of control believe that external forces, like luck, determine theirexchange the only way this point of view relates to the story. Is that Ethan had to live in an environment with thesuffocating responsibility of a sick mother then a newsuffocating tie of a sick wife. In the end the environment will shape who you are but there is no reason that you can take control of the environment. Some people might refute the evidence stating that happiness might come inside by the judgments,opinions, and the reasoning that we don’t take time to do. I believe that in life the things that you do and the accomplishments that you make mold your happiness.

in the long Youdo find happiness, but it is not a confirmed state of mind. It’s like working outyes there is joy in doing it and finishing, but there is also going to be sweat and sore muscles. And without the sweat and sore muscles, the joy will not be as It is easy to overlook our critical role of expressing emotion in creating our happiness. We are inclined to think of our emotions as a response to people and material things.One simple way this happens is that we hypnotize ourselves with words such as “He/She makes me happy.” Even the phrase, “I’m so happy you came to visit me.

” can have an implied mental assumption that our emotions are because of them.The part we didn’t see is that we expressed love for the person that came to see us. Where did that emotion of love come from? We created it. Emotions are invisible to our eyes and so we overlook where they are coming from. Yet the truth is that we create them ourselves. We can perceive other people’s emotions, but more than 95% of what we feel emotionally is from what we create throughout the life and the choices that we made.