Pizza or Clothes

The relative cost of commodities and the sense of prestige significantly affect people’s choices in life.

This essay investigates the literature that is available on choices. It establishes the confusion that rages when one has to make a tough choice. According to the essay, pizza and clothing are both important to the basic life of any human. Although pizza is more of a leisure commodity, it falls into the category of foods that are a basic necessity in human life. However, the essay gives both a comparison and a contrast point of view of the subject. The choice to either get pizza or buy clothes is undoubtedly a tough choice.

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This is due to the fact that both commodities have significance to human life. Consider the case of a teenager who wants to eat good foods that his or her peers eat and wear the most fashionable dresses. It would certainly be tricky for such a person to make up his or her mind on what exactly he or she wants to buy. This is because both commodities seem equally necessary for the life of a teenager. For instance, a teenage would feel out of place if he or she cannot afford to eat pizza. Similarly, he would consider it unacceptable to walk around in a shabby or out of fashion clothing.

This presents a typical situational dilemma that would arise from such a case. However, it would be prudent that the costs of the two items are compared before deciding on which one of them to buy. This is the principle of business and purchases, that in case of limiting resources it is wise to buy what one can afford. In this particular case, it would be wise to forgo buying clothes as it is relatively more expensive than pizza. Besides, it cannot be possible that one would be so craving for clothing while planning to buy pizza first (Daniel and Amos 42). However, if the two commodities are considered in terms of leisure and the primary necessities of life, buying clothing would be better option.

However, it does not mean that pizza is not necessary, but that priorities have to be set right. Realistically, it would be grossly unwise to buy pizza at the expense of clothing when one has no good clothing. This is because pizza can be easily replaced with other cheap foodstuffs to save enough money to buy clothes. In this case, the individual would have struck two birds with the same arrow. This is the wisdom of maturity that you do not have to eat pizza to be satisfied or that you do not really have to wear expensive clothing to seem smart.

One can achieve both by choosing to play it simple. The fundamental consideration here should be the cost and not the prestige. In fact, if clearly thought over it could be possible to get pizza cheaply and still afford decent clothing at a reasonable price. This would give one both the feeling of prestige of being eating pizza and wearing decent clothing without having to sacrifice any of the two (Barry 12). In conclusion, there is no doubt that the relative cost of commodities and the sense of prestige significantly affect people’s choices in life. This is due to the fact of the confusion that rages when one has to make a tough choice.

For instance, when one has to buy clothing and forgo getting pizza or vice versa, there would not be a feeling of the absolute satisfaction. However, accepting that one cannot afford to purchase both at the same time will lead to the decision to look for each of them at relatively lower prices.