Placing Smiles on the Village

Once you’ve done something good there is an exceptional sensation of happiness within you.

Not only do you feel accomplished but satisfactory in the condition of others. This is exactly what an organization called Rustic Pathways is doing every day; giving to others who are in need and not expecting anything in return. Rustic Pathways helps with doing favors for people in the village of Udon Thani. Their goal is to positively leave a mark on people globally by helping the less fortunate. This includes people that are living under the poverty line or are in harsh conditions. This includes constructing bathrooms, homes, fisheries, gardening, painting, giving food etc.

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for the benefit of the community. All in all Rustic Pathways gives people within the village of Udon Thani reasons to smile every day with their humbling gestures of kindness. A vast majority of the people who have jobs and are working in Udon Thani are earning under $10 a day. Not to mention 10.5% of the population in Thailand is living below the poverty line. This makes it very difficult to support a family in terms of everyday essentials.

Including a home to live in, shelter, clothing, food and medical bills. However with less than $10 dollars a day the options are very limited on what you can buy. Can you imagine having to supply an entire family with only $10 every day? This is where the organization Rustic Pathways joins in to support the people that may be earning under ten dollars each day, or don’t have access to a proper home. One of their recent projects involved building a fish farm for a family of four. Although a few fish may not appear to make an impact, it is able to supply food. By helping build a fish farm, a family is now able to eat, feed their neighbors and sell fish at the market to provide meals for several other families.

Through this project, Rustic shows that any group is able to accomplish a task through hard work, which eventually spreads in order to help an entire community. How does Rustic reach out to the people? You may be asking yourself the question above, and wondering how Rustic Pathways makes it possible to reach out to the people who are in need. Since the Rustic Pathways base is in the village of Udon Thani, they very invested in the community.Through this, they are able to reach out to people who may need help and meet their needs. This may be through construction and gardening projects.

For example, another recent project involved building a new house for a family of five. As in the previous year, Rustic was able to work with the family to build a bathroom for them. The new house includes 2 bedrooms and a living space. The family is able to greatly benefit from this house because they have been living in a small shed before, made from rusty construction fences etc. To wrap up, Rustic Pathways is able to help people within the community and help with their areas of need. How can you help? You can support Rustic Pathways and their company continue to spread acts of kindness by donating to their foundation.

All of your profits will go towards helping their program, as it is a non-profit organization. Whether it’s $5 or $50, all of your money will be put to good use and is accepted as a generous act to help a community. The money will go towards paying for gardening and construction tools, bags of concrete, buckets etc. In conclusion, you can help Rustic Pathways by donating to their foundation and you will be the one to put a smile on someone’s face.