Planning a Film: The Kings Bane-Cast

When the King is in his late 20’s, the King of Evil attempts to assassinate him. He fails, but not executed, he is banished because the King is kind, and does not believe in capital punishment.

A year later, the King and Princess get married and have a single baby, called Merridoc. During this time, the King of Evil makes plans to attack the kingdom, and take the throne and princess. He raises a medium sized army and after eleven years of being banished he attacks the Kings lands, and kills the King. Luckily, the heir escapes, to the great disappointment of Evil King. However, he succeeds in stealing the throne, and starts to pillage the land and consume its natural resources.

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The small and immature boy is sheltered by a neighbouring King, and is brought up as a warrior.8 years later. The boy has shown a great talent in fighting, and is well learned. He has matured greatly, and the King holds him in great esteem. The King makes him a general of a large army, and after being asked, he lets Merridoc lead this army into Merridocs rightful kingdom. A large battle takes place in which Merridoc leads the army.

He kills the King of evil, and is named the king of the land.CastKing – Will SmithKing of Evil – Christian SlaterPrincess – Sarah Michelle GellarServants and Guards – No famous peopleYoung Merridoc – Haley Joel OsmondOld Merridoc -King – Bruce WillisSound TrackJohn Williams – Orchestra music especially composedTrain – Drops of JupiterEnya – Music especially composedPosterThere are some things in this poster worth an additional mention. When making the title, I wanted to make it look bloody, and war like, by using effects like smear, blur, and soften, I could give I a fading look. I also used these effects on the edges of the picture, to make sure it does not stick out more than the title. However, the words ‘In Cinemas Now’ were allowed to, because they emphasise the fact that this is a new film.

I used the actor’s names as a selling point for the film, as other adverts have done in the past. I also used a central recommendation to make people think this is a film they want to see.AdvertisingNewspapers-I would preferably put adverts in broad sheets, because my film is not a comedy, and would be quite thoughtful. It is aimed at people who go to see a good film that not only looks good but also has a good story line. These papers also, sometimes, have a better reputation.Trailers-As well as television trailers, I would have longer trailers in the cinema.

They would be shown before other fantasy films, to be aimed at that kind of person. I would also have a run up of short trailers to get people interested, but not give away any of the story lines.Script of Opening ScenesScene 1Screen comes on blank.No music or sound played.After about 5 seconds – footsteps and heavy breathing.Short views of a person with a small sword are shown.

He turns a corner and is hit on the head. The screen goes red then black.End of sceneScene 2Set in a small hall beautifully decorated.King – You decide to disturb our peace again then.You see the King standing tall, wearing a coat of arms and wearing a sword.King – The penalty for this here is death.

However, I am willing to let you go I hope some good comes from this, but my heart tells me it will not. You will be banished out of my kingdom forever, unless you come in by force. Out.The assailant is lead out under the watchful, and thoughtful, eye of the King.End of sceneStory Board – Opening Scene 1Shot No.VisionShot description/Camera MovementSound1Black screen, nothing visible.

Footsteps, heavy breathing. Gives it a strange atmosphere.2Through the eyes of an attacker, holding a knife, about to turn the corners.Running footsteps, very quite and eerie.3Sudden abrupt halt, two guards standing in the way, obviously they knew about the attack.Loud, but subtle flash sound.

Used to make the audience jump a bit.