Planning an Excursion

Semester’s Mark This Project should be submitted In written form (hard or electronic copy) and Include the paperwork for all requirements. It will consist of a dossier of material. All underlined points must be submitted as copies of actual paperwork. Specific names must be included, (but not those of students).

You must provide details about the: Destination: An actual event in Melbourne. Will students be observing or performing? Will it be run by the event (an MOOS school day) or are you running it (a trip to watch a formal reference)?

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Name of the contact person. Specific start/flinch times. Bag/instrument storage? Eating spaces? School paperwork and Issues specific to your school: Risk assessment. Submit the actual, completed document.

Lead times. How long before the excursion date do you need to submit the application? Excursion template. (from your school with the excursion co-ordination’s name) Transport/excursion costing. From whose budget? Which bus company? How many does the bus hold? Will it fit your group? Are there bays for instrument transportation? Timetabling issues for students/staff. (use real timings)

Staffing numbers and extra helpers. What are the ratios of qualified staff to students? How do you organize time away for these teachers? Can you use Parent helpers? Do they need “working with children” checks? First Aid.

Which staff members are qualified? Who carries the first aid kit? How many kits are required? What should be/ is in them? Are there students with special needs? How are they catered for? Where are the peoples, asthma Inhalers etc? What Is the process for dealing with non- presentation of Permission forms? Egg: a student arrives at the bus and hasn’t submitted a form. She says “Mum said I could go…

You know her, you know her mum and it’s probably k – what is the school policy? Parent letter: (write and submit your own dummy copy, or a completed school template copy if they have one. ) Where are students going? When? What do they wear? Do they bring or buy lunch? In what form? What is the cost to parents? How do they pay? (Send a queue/cash; credit/pots at the office; fee taken from the school account? ) Can parents drop them off/collect them from the venue? By what date must forms be returned? Curriculum reasoning What Is the pedagogical reason for the students going on this excursion? Is there any ultra-adolescently relevance?

What preparation/follow up work will be required? Is incomplete, it will be listed as “No” and receive no marks.

Assessment Check List Details included: Yes 1 point No O points Specific event: company, name, address, date, start/flinch times. Contact person’s name: Yes Details of student waiting/eating/instrument storage space. Completed school risk assessment. Completed school excursion template. Lead-time.

Budget statement/organization (include budget codes) Bus/transport details Staffing details First aid analysis Parent letter containing all relevant information Process for non-submission of forms.