Plastico Inc. Case Study

As the result of it she did not meet David Kline in time which meeting is being set and she waited Kline to be available after he finished his rent meeting with others. Stone also did not bring any sample to show to Kline because she left it in her home. Stone Ill to Kline about the time when the products can be delivered. The company can deliver the products nearly five weeks but Stone said to Kline that It will take only four weeks. Ana stone 010 not clearly explain to Kind winy tenet price AT tenet porous slightly higher than the competition.


To provide better solutions to any problems of Stone in dealing with her customers.

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To know the effective ways of presenting products to the customers and satisfy their desired needs and wants. To described the potential possibilities that Stone can manage his precious time, effort to do her Job well, and money to lessen her expenses and damages to the company. To regain the company’s trust and faith in their employees most especially when they represents the image and the desirable quality of the company.

To establish further trainings and examinations for qualified sales representatives. To provide better care and discipline to the sales representative cause they bring the name of the company.

To know the advantages and disadvantages of the company in training their sales preventatives as to what the company aims for them. Situational Analysis Plastics, Inc. Had a new employee which is newly graduated, take her sales course in college and had Just completed the company’s training program. She is Sharon Stone assigned in central Michigan territory.

Stone first task was at a small refrigerator manufacturer in Ann Arbor. She did bad impression to her first client because of the malfunction happen in her alarm clock that she did not wake up early. She let her client to wait for ten minutes before she came to tell the receptionist that she have a meeting with David Kline at 9:00 A. M.

. Stone discussed first to Kline about his college experience in University of Michigan and Kline was a big fan of basketball and football teams. After about 25 minutes they finished talking about sports and Stone start her business with Kline.

Stone informed Kline about their Company’s materials and procedures in making plastic liners. She also said that their company can customize the door liners in any color with high quality materials and long-term durability. Stoned finished informing Kline for 25 minutes and she asked Kline if he has any question.

Kline asked for sample from Stone but she cannot provide it because she left it in ere home. Kline also asked how long it takes to deliver the product and Stone answered the question dishonestly.

And Stone did not Justify the reason why Plastics was slightly higher than the competition and only explained the benefits of the product and it is the best choice. Kline excuse himself and consider Stone’s offer, Stone thank Kline for his time and operate stone close ten offer Dally Ana twinkling winner seen went wrong. The strengths and weaknesses of the company is base on how they operate the five essentials of internal environment which are: management, marketing, production, finance and human resource. In management, the company is still incapable in handling situation like the situation happen to Stone.

Stone is overconfident and didn’t adapt for the possibilities that she fails if she try to freak out in the first client that is assigned to her. She had a bad impression at first because she did not attend the meeting at exact time. She should consider that Mr.. Kline have also meetings during that day. Kline have an interest on the company’s product but because of what Stone done, his interest will go to other company.

In marketing, the company has the edge over the other companies because they revere high quality and durable plastic liners.

There price would not affect their status because of all good benefits the costumers receive in patronizing their products. In production, the company uses right and assured materials to produce their plastic liners and they have customize process for the different colors of door liners. In finance, they allocate big budget for purchasing those raw materials and in return they set higher price than the competition which equal to their high quality plastic liners and other benefits the costumers will avail in choosing Plastics Inc.

And in human resource, the company should choose qualified sales representatives which in the field of professional selling and train their hired employees well. In the case of Stone, stone is qualified for the Job cause she undergone sales course in college and completed the company’s training problem but Stone is too confident that she did not consider the unexpected problems will come.

The opportunities and threats in the company are constant since opportunities and threats are external factors or in the external environment.

They can’t control it but can adapt to its essentials which are: politico-legal environment, economic environment, socio-cultural environment, technological environment and natural environment. In politico-legal environment, the company is liable for the tax, for the safety of their production of plastic liners, for the business permit and other any legal provisions. In economic environment, the company should be flexible enough in producing plastic liners in times when the economy is fluctuating and the purchasing power of the customers are also in irregular level.

In socio-cultural environment, the company should consider the different cultures, beliefs, tradition and customs of each affected and involved costumers.

In technology, the company increases in new-home sales over past several years due to refrigerator sales and federal regulations requiring that dishwashing liners be made of plastic rather than porcelain. And in natural environment, the company can still operate if there’s a rain (or earthquake if any), or other natural phenomena. The company is indirectly affected DAY ten circumstance is bad.

Conclusion once out It can allay ten allover AT ten plastic II nurse IT ten solution I therefore conclude that due to the error of the company to employed talented but not well discipline employee, this cause loss of costumers and bad image to the many. It may reflect to other costumers that the sales representatives of the company is not conscious of time and don’t mind for their costumer’s schedules. A less experience employee should start his or her Job with care and a time conscious employee also gain respect and admiration from their customers.

Company relies on the success of the sales representatives to attract costumer’s and gain trust. When trust is being exercise, customers will patronize the product and profit arises when it continues. Alternative Courses of Action The company can either send Stone to the trusted costumers Just to practice her reversion and develop her personal selling skills or Stone take some seminars and workshops at her on expense to increase her awareness on customers behavior or willingness to deal a business with the costumers and other stakeholders affected by the operation of the company.

The company can do some lateral transfers Just to test the other capability and talents of Stone in selling profession. The company can require an expert to accompany Stone in her work and to help her in times she cannot manage the situation well. The company can give some light workload to Stone because she is still a new employee.

After stone adapt the working environment, she is ready to face again the task that she failed and work hard to do it again.


I recommend to the company to require Stone to take some seminars and workshops. In this way, Stone can learned new techniques or approaches in dealing with costumers. It also enhances her selling profession and increases her adaptability on the costumer’s behavior. It may also help her promote to higher position if she maintain the good work and performance.

And it will increase the company’s annual sales and if it continues, there will be high profit.