Play Analysis: the King and I

Play Analysis: The King and I Submitted by: Beatrix Clayden C. Deonio II – Teamwork Submitted to: Sr. Louis Rafael Tordecillas CHARACTERS Major Characters: 1. King Mongkut – King Mongkut is an imposing ruler of Siam, Thailand. He was the one who requested for his children to be taught in the English language for his country to be modernized. 2. Anna Leonowens – Anna Leonowens is a widowed English schoolteacher who has come to Siam to teach the royal children of King Mongkut. Her husband died six years ago, leaving her with a young son named Louis Leonowens. Minor Characters: 1.

Lady Thiang – Lady Thiang is the king’s head wife and mother of Prince Chulalongkorn. 2. Prince Chulalongkorn – Prince Chulalongkorn is the king’s eldest son and heir to the throne. He has been trained and groomed to be king since birth. 3.

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Louis Leonowens – Louis Leonowens is Anna’s son. 4. The Kralahome – The Kralahome is the king’s Prime Minister. He is very protective of the king. 5. Tuptim – Tuptim is a teenage girl brought from Burma to be one of the king’s royal wives.

She speaks English well and loves to read. 6. Lun Tha – Lun Tha is a Burmese scholar who brought Tuptim to Siam.

He loves Tuptim so much. 7.

Sr. Edward Ramsay – Sr. Edward Ramsay is a British diplomat who has come to Siam to determine whether or not the king is a barbarian. 8. Captain Orton – Captain Orton is the one who brought Anna and Louis Leonowens to Siam, Thailand.

9. 67 Royal Children 10. Royal Wives 11. Royal Guards 12. Theatrical Dancers 13.

Little Eva 14. Topsy 15. Buddha’s Angel 16. Elisa 17. George 18.

Phra Alack 19. King Simon of Legree PLOT * Exposition In the 1860s, a widowed English schoolteacher named Anna Leonowens arrived at the request of King Mongkut of Siam, Thailand to teach his royal children.

They reached Siam accompanied by Captain Orton and also met the King’s Prime Minister, the Kralahome, who escorted them to the palace. * Rising Action Once in the palace, Anna, Louis, and the Kralahome witnessed the arrival of Tuptim, a gift who was brought by Lun Tha from Burma to be one of the King’s royal wives though the two are deeply in love. When the King was pleased of Tuptim, the Kralahome told Anna that she can’t meet the King at that right moment. Eager to meet the King, Anna was able to speak with King Mongkut but she became disappointed when she knew that she was not going to have a house of her own.

As stated in their agreement, Anna will be given ? 20 a month and a house in return of educating the King’s royal children. But, the unjust King did not want to remember anything about the house. Afterwards, King Mongkut introduced his several royal wives and royal children to Anna. Knowing that Anna will teach only the royal children, she was surprised to know that she will also teach all the King’s royal wives. She had no choice but to teach them all she knows in the English language. She taught them songs and proverbs about a home that made King Mongkut feel irritated.

Thereafter, she also showed them a map that proved how small Siam is compared with the rest of the world and also discussed that snow is real. As a result, Prince Chulalongkorn did not believe in anything that Anna taught them about Siam and the snow which made everyone inside the room not to believe in her, too. The King came inside while the class was in chaos and ordered the royal children and royal wives to believe in Anna’s teachings but complained about her lessons concerning “home”. She defended herself and threatened the King that she’ll leave Siam, still because of the King’s promise to her in their agreement.

King Mongkut, still annoyed, ordered Anna to obey as his servant; Anna got mad and hurried away.

The king dismissed the children and also left in confusion. Meanwhile, Tuptim and Lun Tha met secretly in the darkness of the palace garden. * Climax Time passed by, Lady Thiang told Anna that an agent from Singapore has discovered letters to the British portraying the King of Siam as a barbarian and suggested that Siam be made a protectorate. Anna did not believe that King Mongkut is a barbarian even if he’s a polygamist. So, Anna came to see the King and asked forgiveness because she lost her temper.

When King Mongkut told her of his political difficulties and mentioned that Sr.

Edward Ramsay and other high-ranking English men and women are coming to Siam, Anna suggested that they’d be entertained in European style with all the Siamese princes and princesses wearing European dresses. The King agreed with Anna’s suggestion and he only gave her one week to prepare for this occasion. While this is going on, Lun Tha and Tuptim made a plan for them to escape. Before they present the play, King Mongkut brought Anna to the Buddhist temple for them to be given guidance of the Buddha.

This was also the time when the King already granted Anna’s wish of having her own house. Upon waiting Sr.

Edward Ramsay, Anna was surprised because when the royal wives bowed, she was shocked for the women didn’t wear any undergarments. After that, the English people were entertained by a play made by Tuptim based on “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” which they performed in Siamese dance. Tuptim narrated the play that focused on anti-slavery. Their play was a success and Sr. Edward Ramsay had no more reason to accuse the King as a barbarian. * Falling Action Sr.

Edward left Siam. But King Mongkut felt distracted and displeased with Tuptim.

The King and Anna danced gracefully because of their success. They were disturbed when Tuptim was brought to the King. The royal guards caught her while escaping and therefore, King Mongkut ordered that she be whipped but Anna convinced him not to continue his punishment against Tuptim.

Anna was able to stop him but the royal guards also reported that Lun Tha passed away and found his body in the river. * Conclusion Several months passed, Anna felt that she can’t stay in Siam any longer. Lun Tha, with Prince Chulalongkorn, arrived with a letter from King Mongkut saying that he is dying.

Anna hurriedly went to the royal palace to visit King Mongkut and also forgave him. As a sign of gratitude, King Mongkut gave his ring to Anna and convinced her to stay in Siam to assist the next king, Chulalongkorn. Anna accepted his ring and it didn’t last longer, the King died quietly while Prince Chulalongkorn gave orders.

Anna knelt by King Mongkut who passed away, holding his hand and kissing it, while the wives and children bowed down as a sign of respect to the old king and new. THEME The lesson in “The King and I” is that a promise must not be broken because it makes a person expect for the best.

Education was also given importance in the story since it makes people to become productive citizens of their country, it can develop and help one’s personality, and lessen problems in a certain area. In addition, the story tells us to treat people right as our real brothers and sisters even if we are higher than them. In order to earn respect, we must give them respect, too.

Moreover, we must do our best with our whole hearts in service of those who needs us. We’ll be thanked and loved by people when we show our true self and when we give out the best in us.

We must learn how to accept people and things, how to give respect, how to be considerate to others, and lastly, know how to appreciate all the efforts and sacrifices that people make for us. Music The following songs were used in the play: * Overture – Orchestra * I Whistle a Happy Tune – Anna and Louis * My Lord and Master – Tuptim * Hello, Young Lovers – Anna * March of the Royal Siamese Children – Orchestra * A Puzzlement – King * The Royal Bangkok Academy – Anna, Wives and Children * Getting to Know You – Anna, Wives and Children * We Kiss in a Shadow – Tuptim and Lun Tha * A

Puzzlement (Reprise) – Louis and Prince Chululongkorn * Shall I Tell You What I Think of You? – Anna * Something Wonderful – Lady Thiang * Buddhist Prayer/Act I finale – King and Company * Entr’acte – Orchestra * Western People Funny – Lady Thiang and Wives * I Have Dreamed – Tuptim and Lun Tha * Hello, Young Lovers (Reprise) – Anna * The Small House of Uncle Thomas (Ballet) – Tuptim and wives * Song of the King – King and Anna * Shall We Dance? Anna and the King * I Whistle a Happy Tune (Reprise) – Anna| These songs made the whole play interesting and entertaining. It made every scene catchy for the audience to watch.

SPECTACLES The props used in the play were good and satisfying. The spotlight was in good condition when they used it for the audience to know who the subjects were for each scene. All the costumes used for each character were right for them and also right for the place.

Their background or setting in the stage was a bit disappointing since they only used a projector. Because of this, some of us were not able to distinguish where the characters are for each scene.

However, all the shiny things they used for decorations were impressing because when I saw it in the movie, they really seemed identical. All in all, they still proved that they can come up with a good play having all the things ready for their use.