Poetry's Importance

Poetry is the art of expressing plausible and also untrue feelings through writing. Many people have used poetry to help themselves within the course of their lifetime. Although, not all people think and use poems this way. Some think they are a waste of their “valuable” time. Think of it as if the people who actually care for school receive better than decent grades, and the ones who do not care possess awful grades.

Those grades are put on your final transcript, and the moment of truth will be revealed when they receive either an acceptance or rejection letter from their chosen and applied-to college. The people who do not care for poems whatsoever will not actually realize how they can relate to them, and how it could possibly help them in life. Readers who do enjoy poetry might have a better intake of the world around them, because of the poems they have read. Such poems could be about childhood, tragedies, love, etc. Everything you will accomplish, or fail in the years you have here on Earth, you have the chance to write about it.

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Express your feelings, and pour out your pain and sorrows out onto a sheet of blank paper. Other people use different methods of expressing themselves, but poetry is a way of doing exactly that without using violence. I used to feel indifferent about poetry, until we did this unit. I realized that there are alternatives to expressing how you feel, and how you deal with your problems. People who do not care for poetry might not be able to change their bad habits, make proactive decisions, and explain to others what is circling through their mind.

Poetry is a wonderful way to express how you are feeling, or just to have it as a favorite past-time.