Argumentative Essay on Pollution

Did you know in the U.S factories release over 3 million tons of toxic waste into the land, air, water, and into our own homes? These factories are causing millions of problems.

They are causing health problems, causing the U.S to lose acres of land across the U.S and not allowing people to swim and drink rivers. But it’s not just the factories fault it is also caused by daily transportation too. There are three types of pollution: Air pollution, Water pollution, and Land pollution. Air Pollution is a big problem everywhere in our society.

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Smoking, power plants, ships, and daily transportation cause air pollution. Air pollution cause many problems, they cause health issues because once the pollution gets into the air it does not come out. Its everywhere around the world floating in the air and we don’t even realize it. Many people can get diseases from the bacteria in the air that cant be avoided because of all the toxics contained in the air from the factories, automobiles, and different fumes from paint, perfumes, and cosmetic items. To eliminate any more toxic fumes in the air I think we should use less perfumes, have chargeable cars, and use factories less. Water Pollution is the second kind of pollution in our world.

Again factories, human sewage, oil leaking from cars etc. harm our waters. They cause us not to be able to swim in our lakes, drink from the cleanest rivers, and be scared to swim in oceans because of all the oil leaked into it. Water pollution is the worst pollution because it can get into our drinks and food. If it does you basically eat and drink pollution from people, cars, and factories around the world, which can cause major health issues.

Land Pollution is third and final cause of pollution that we worry about. Littering, oil, nuclear plants, and construction debris causes land pollution. Land pollution is when our citizens litter any item. Littering is a big problem and causes most of our land pollution. People need to understand that if we don’t stop littering we will basically be living in our own filth.

The disgusting visuals of all the landfills we have filled with trash items that we can recycle just sit and rot. We need to take a stand and recycle all we can to help the environment. In the United States we have a lot of pollution that needs to change. We have three different types of pollution that we need to take care of. They are :Air Pollution, Water Pollution, and Land Pollution, they cause many problem in the U.

S. They cause very many health issues that we can fix but don’t. I think we should reuse things, recycle, and use rechargeable cars.