Poor Sleep

Health is increasingly becoming a concern to everyone due to the prevalence of many diseases. Therefore, many individuals are struggling to maintain their health through various strategies. For instance, many people strive to have a balanced diet with an aim of maintaining their body immunity. However, many people seem to ignore that fact the sleeping is an important aspect of their lives. Research indicates that many people fail to have enough sleep since they have tight schedules of work. Poor sleep is as harmful as any other pathogen to an individual’s health.

This is because it harms the body in many ways. This paper discusses the impact of poor sleep on an individual’s health. First, most of the emotional problems people experiences daily are always triggered or enhanced by poor sleep. Sleeping not only relaxes the body muscles, but it also enables the brain to relax. Researchers contend that poor sleep stresses the brain, and this makes it to function poorly. Sleep deprivation is associated with malfunctioning of some parts the mind, which control emotional behavior.

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Depression is a common emotional problem, and it is closely linked to sleep deprivation. Children usually exhibit many emotional problems, when they experience lack of sleep. For instance, “a child who has not slept properly can become moody and irritable” (Sagaspe 34). Temper tantrums isalso commonly manifested among such children. Individuals who are deprived of sleep tend to react more quickly compared to individuals who sleep well.

For example, shift work schedules affect emotional behavior of workers, who attend overnight shifts. In most cases, such individuals become aggressive and quick-tempered.Low work productivity is another significant effect of sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation is usually characterized by poor concentration of a person in many activities, especially in productive work. Work memory can be lost considerably due to lack of attentiveness that stems from inadequate sleep. Moreover, extreme cases of poor sleep among workers can lead to injuries, and sometimes deaths may occur.

For example, many industrial workers who operate machines for long durations usually sustain serious injuries due to lack of concentration (Sleep Disorders Health Center). Many drivers who suffer from sleep deprivation normally cause fatal accidents simply because they end up sleeping as they drive. Inadequate sleep impairs the capacity of a worker to make proper choices in various tasks, and this often leads to poor work outcomes. For example, a laboratory technician may select wrong chemicals due to fatigue, which is caused by poor sleeping habits. Labor intensive tasks can also be difficult to execute due to muscle pains that are often caused by lack of proper sleep. This happens due to acute eenergy loss that occurs when a person remains active for long durations (Andrew 240).

Apart from the above mentioned side effects of sleep deprivation, other challenges closely associated with it include the following. Skin development to some extent relies on sleep. Therefore, individuals that fail to get proper sleep tend to have poor skin development. Body weight complications are also linked to sleep deprivation. For example, studies reveal that the challenge of obesity can been aggravated by sleep deprivation (Ayas).

This is because inadequate sleep interferes with the endocrine system, which is responsible for energy regulation within the body. “Body development may also be retarded since poor sleep affects various activities in the body such as digestion, energy usage, and immune system. The growth of hormones is also impaired” (Ayas).Conclusion The above complications reveal that poor sleep may seriously interfere with a person’s health. Therefore, people should adopt proper habits that will not deny them time for sleeping. For example, an individual should have a proper work schedule that allows him to have enough time for sleeping.

Secondly, poor leisure habits like watching movies until late in the night should be stopped. The sleep environment should also be free from interferences.