Positive Psychology

Psychology is a scientific study of human behaviour and mental process.

It has different branches which existed for many years and they include child psychology, animal psychology and human psychology among others. Recently, in 1998, Martin Seligman and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi developed a new branch and named it as positive psychology. This branch is not determined to replace the normal psychological concepts but to strengthen there operations. Positive psychology focuses on talents, nurture genius and finds how to make people to have life, which is fulfilling and promising. It does not focus only in treating mental illness but how to improve the standards of living in order to avoid certain live stress accompanied by failure. The study focuses on how to apply scientific methods to make things go right (Martin and Mihaly, 2000) Researchers, analyze some aspects and how they can be promoted to improve social life when applied in social institutions.

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Those things analyzed include state of pleasure, strength, talent and virtue. It torches four main topics, which include enduring psychological traits and positive in relationship, experiences and institutions. Positive psychology is developed to deal with improvement of life and make individuals to have happy life by achieving their dreams (Peterson, 2009). This field does not look in details about the problems faced by human beings but considers positive side. In order to improve and handle individuals’ problem the negative side should be considered. Other branch of psychology assists individuals to recover from their mental illness and this insures individuals’ progress in life (William, 2005).

The application of positive psychology in life can make an individual to live a happy life and achieve his/her dreams. The talent one has should be exploited to the fullest. For example, those who are talented in sports should not be forced to education, since they waste their time, but they should be taken to sports training in order to sharpen their talent.