Pretty on the outside- killer on the inside

Tasty and delicious verses healthy and nutritious.

This has been a big and widely talked about controversy lately. If you haven’t already guessed it– it’s junk food. Should junk foods be allowed in schools? You decide. There are plenty of arguments behind an answer. The pros and cons are endless, but personally I believe that junk food should not be allowed in schools. Yes, junk foods are quick and easy, but they contain many unhealthy ingredients.

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For example, an average snack a teen would find appealing is loaded with sodium, salt, and sugar. These ingredients are very harmful to the body, and could soon lead to obesity. On top of all this, most teens do not get the regular amount of exercise. So, if schools provide unhealthy foods to their students, and they don’t get a proper amount of exercise, things are bound to go wrong. I think teens are sometimes stressed, and sometimes do not have enough time to sit down and have lunch at school.

Junk foods are quick snacks that satisfy you at the moment, and when they are available, most teens will turn to them. Obesity in teens is rising as fast as a weed. I believe that if schools banned junk food, this rise will slow, and maybe even stop. Should junk foods be allowed in schools? You decide.