Pride and Prejudice Quotes/Explanation

English Ap Mrs. Loeppert P. 2 Pride and Prejudice Activity # 3 1. Summarize the letter’s content (Chapter XII) by dividing the letter into the following subjects: * Jane’s Feelings for Mr.

Bingley: Mr. Darcy felt that Jane’s feelings for Mr. Bingley were incincere after observing them at a dance. She didn’t seem to return his affection. He thought she was trying too hard and that her family was the the only reason she was interested in him. Darcy felt that Jane would only be marrying Bingley for his money to help her family.

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Criticism of the Bennet family: The impression of Elizabeth’s sisters combined with their families “want of propriety” made Darcy think that they were after Bingley’s money. He makes Elizabeth aware of just how embarsssing her family is. *

How Darcy interferes with Bingley’s relationship with Jane: Darcy interferes with Bingley’s relationship with Jane because he feels that Jane does not return Bingley’s same affection. Darcy has observed her family and has come to the conclusion that they were pushing Jane to marry him for his money. The truth about Mr.

Wickham: In regards to Mr. Wickham, Darcy wants Elizabether to know that the actions he took towards him were because of his bad character. He reveals that Mr. Wickham doesn’t get ay of the the money from Darcy’s father which causes some tension. 2. In Chapter XIII, Lizzy realizes that Mr.

Darcy may have been correct. She spends some time thinking over the events that took place in Volume I. Explain specifically how Lizzy comes to agree with Darcy, or at least understand his reasoning about the following: * The truth about Mr.

Wickham: * Jane’s affection for Bingley: * Criticism of the Bennet family: 3. The letter is a turning point for Lizzy, she changes as a result of this letter because it forces her to evaluate herself honestly and acknowledge her own pride and prejudice. Using chapters XIII and XIV as your guide: * Find a quote that describrs Lizy’s self0 reflection and then pxplain how Lizzy now views herself.

* Find a quote that describes Lizzy’s reflection on her family and explain how she now views her family.