Procter and Gamble Case Study

The promotional campaign for the product will be in full blast Holding of press-conference and issue press releases with its new endorser Nationwide tour will be done to be covered by a major TV station B. Summer Special Big Event Key Dates: 2nd Quarter (April – June) Continuous trio-media advertisement Monitor market acceptance Sponsor major summer activities like beauty pageants, sports activities, etc. Designing new concept on ads and promotion Deployment of trained sales force C.

Introduction of New Ads thru TV stations Key Ad 3rd Quarter (July – September) Introduction of new ads in all TV stations Create a Jingle in thru TV ads that any person would enjoy to emulate Continuous print ads and radio placements Evaluation of each distribution centers nationwide D.

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Year End – Special Key Dates: 4th Quarter (October – December) Assessment of 3 quarters performance Conduct an inventory audit and product evaluation movement versus the budget Sustain its advertisements to ensure continued product patronage Culmination of he strategic plans thru a Christmas special such as party, cash bonus or any incentives for top performing employees. Recognition of consumer of its continued patronage of product through raffle draw. Potential Problem Implementation of the above-mentioned strategies and plans will encourage the competing companies to focus also on how to maintain its market leadership in accidentals and hair conditioner category.

They would address too the delivery of the desired satisfaction of consumers more effectively and efficiently than what they did in the usual marketing practice. The challenges that would emerge will be a lemma on consumer’s response and how to adjust to the various marketing offerings of each competing companies.

Contingency Plan Each product line managers of accidentals and hair conditioner category will be very active in the monthly assessment and interpretation of the financial data based on sales/market response. Rigorous research surveys and distribution centers checking will be undertaken. This will provide measurement as to the effectiveness of the plans implemented and the output would tell what necessary and immediate modification or improvement steps to be carried out.