Profitability Analysis among Subsectors of DSE-Listed

BSRAM introduced ASTM six hundred and fifteen grade sixty reinforced steel bars in 1987. BSRAM was running ATA good pace after 1987, and in 1996, it commissioned the largest billet-making plant in the country.

Ten ears later, BSRAM acquainted micro-reinforcement wires for low cost rural construction. BSRAM Group contributed nearly hundred core take to the national exchequer in taxes, levies, duties and VAT in the year of 2008, at the same year, they had presented Grade 500 steel bars, the current international standard for modern construction – BSRAM Extreme 500 W.

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Their vision is Maintain leadership position in the steel industry by producing the best quality steel products, continuously enhancing customer satisfaction and becoming a reliable business partner of our customers and suppliers. BSRAM Steels Limited enlisted in Dacha Stock Exchange deseed) on 2009, it’s been rated as “A” category share under the Engineering sector as on 02-08-2012. S.

Lam cold Rolled steels Ltd. : S. Lam group is a Bangladesh industrial group, which is formed by the collaboration of many small firms in order to achieve a common goal.

It is a group of industries merged together to take the development of the nation to a new height. This group was established in 1985 and started its business under the name of S. Lam and company.

In 1988, the group started transport business with name S. Lam luxury chair coach services limited. Subsequently S. Lam steels limited was established in 995 with all machinery imported from Japan, first of its own kind in the nation. Production capacity of this plant is 200 m. Ton in three industrial units S.

Lam Cold Rolled Steels Limited established on December 12, 2000. It produces high quality C. R Coils, which is known as Cold Rolled Coil in its detailed form. Raw materials of these coils are imported from well-developed countries such as Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Romania, Russia, India, Taiwan, and China. Annual turnover of this production is around BUT 4.

00 Billion. At present, there are approximately two hundred and twenty rockers are working in this production to produce M. Ton cold rolled steel strips per year. S.

Lam Cold Rolled Steels Limited enlisted on Dacha Stock Exchange 15-09-2012 Bangladesh Thai Aluminum Limited Bangladesh Thai Aluminum Limited also known as (BAT) in its short form started its journey in Bangladesh as leading manufacturer of anodized and powder coated aluminum profiles, doors, windows, curtain wall, unedited curtain wall, railway coach windows, ladders, bolts and allied items in 1979.

Late A. Malamute was the founder of Bangladesh Thai Aluminum Bangladesh Thai Aluminum Limited has been providing here-shutters of glass, louver and fly proof aluminum windows to Bangladesh Railway from the beginning.

These windows Just don’t come from easy process, especial accessories; modern and sophisticated equipment like Gas equipment welding and extensive welding is required to produce such high quality three-shutter windows. 0 According to client’s specification, quantity and deadline, Bangladesh Thai Aluminum Limited can deliver anodized and powder coated profiles. 0 Based upon client requirement and budget, Bangladesh Thai Aluminum Limited can design, fabricate, and install doors, windows, curtail walls, partitions, false ceilings.

Bangladesh Thai Aluminum Limited also provides technical consultancy on profile design, fabrication of items, installation arrangement and execution. 0 Bangladesh Thai Aluminum Limited also provides transport facilities for delivering their products to honorable clients based upon their specification and products requirements. Bangladesh Thai Aluminum Limited enlisted in Dacha Stock Exchange on 1990, It’s been rated as “B” category share under the engineering sector as on 28-07-2012 Atlas Bangladesh Limited Atlas Bangladesh Limited is an enterprise of Bangladesh Steel & Engineering Corporation (BASE).

Atlas Bangladesh Limited was incorporated in Bangladesh on 1966 under nonpublic management. This management was run by the West Pakistani entrepreneur at that time.

In 1972, Atlas Bangladesh Limited was nationalized and positioned under the management of Bangladesh Steel & Engineering Corporation (BASE). By selling 49% share to the general public, Atlas Bangladesh Limited turned into public limited company in 1987. Atlas Bangladesh Limited is committed to fulfill domestic demand by producing large number of vehicles each year.

It is mainly producing Motorcycle and three wheeler known as “Missus”. Moreover, Atlas Bangladesh Limited is creating Job opportunities as well as adapting latest technology to provide fast and accurate customer service in order to ensure steady return on stockholder equity.

We should remember that, Atlas Bangladesh Limited does not create Motorcycle or Missus parts in the factory, but it imports 100% completely knocked down components from three world-renowned motorcycle manufacturers’ country known as Honda Motor Company Limited, situated in Japan, Hero Honda Motors Limited.

Established in India and Atlas Honda Ltd. , which is in Pakistan. It assembles these knocked down components and produce complete icicles into local market. Atlas Bangladesh Limited enlisted in Dacha Stock Exchange on 1988. It’s been rated as “A” category share under the engineering sector as on 22-07-2012 Abaft Automobiles Limited Abaft Automobiles Limited also known as (ALL) in its short form started its automobile business in Bangladesh as a private limited company in 1967.

Abaft Automobiles is one of the largest automobile industries in Bangladesh.

It was private Its main business is to assemble different automobile parts. Abaft Auto mainly assembles Toyota Land Cruiser soft top/Pick-up, Land Cruiser Prod, Hint Bus, Hint Mini Bus/Truck Chassis. This industry had the ability to assemble 2400 units of vehicles in three shifts, but now it is running single shift considering the market demand.

Abaft Automobiles Limited has set up its Body Building Unit on May 5th, 1997. On November 01, 1999, Abaft Auto did set up its Paint Unit. Abaft Auto Limited organized its third unit, which is called “Battery Unit” on January 03, 2002.

This organization established its last unit, which is known as “Furniture Unit” on May 01, 2002. Abaft Automobiles Limited enlisted in Dacha Stock Exchange on 1987.

It’s been rated as “A” category share under the Engineering sector as on 21-07-2012 Aziza Pipes Limited Aziza Pipes Limited was incorporated in the year 1981 with the aim at manufacturing PVC Rigid Pipes. It has started its commercial production in the year 1985 with the yearly installed capacity of 1200 M. Ton. With the passage of 12 years of time from 1985 to 1996, the Company increased its total production capacity of 7500 M.