Prose Analysis

Similes and Metaphors Imagery Onomatopoeia’s Persuasion Thesis There we were – Dudgeon’s, the cats and I – the woman who only a few moments ago had forced herself to come behind the houses in trembling fear of the Wild wild woman of the woods’ – wild in the sense that forest – creatures are wild- shy, untouchable. Arguments 1 . Emily Is confused whether she wants to meet Dudgeon’s which shows that people can have different impressions on Dudgeon’s and how she is perceived (“Half of me wished I could meet her, and half of me hoped I would not” -IPPP) 2.

Emily describes Dudgeon’s as a feminine spirit at the end rather than what she thought of her and the beginning of the story (“She appeared to be neither wooden nor stationary, but a singing spirit, young and fresh, passing through the jungle.

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” – IPPP) 3. Email’s determination to sketch and pursue her Job as an artist helped her find who and what Dudgeon’s was, over powered her fear of what she heard around the Indian villages (” ‘There’s nobody there’ To myself I said, ‘There Is Dudgeon’s ” ‘ -IPPP-42 4.

Dudgeon’s proves to be what the seer believes they see The power that I felt was to In the thing Itself, but In some tremendous force behind It, that the carver had believed In. ” – IPPP) Methods of Development 1. Personal Experience 2.

Description 3. Narrative 4. Quotation 5. Comparison 6. Emotional Appeal 7.

Choice of Scope 8. Literal Imagery Rhetorical Devices 1. Onomatopoeia 2. Personification 3. Repetition 4.

Balanced Sentence 5. Hyperbole 6. Irony 7. Symbol 8. Sentence Fragment 9. Imagery 10.

Simile 11. Rhyme Logos, Ethos, Pathos Pathos—> Blvd description Essay- 51% Minority A thesis that states what is being contrasted or compared and whether the compare/ entrant is a positive or a negative Two subjects to be compared that are different enough to be compared but similar enough to contrasted. This means that the subjects are not to similar or too different that you cannot find any similarities or differences. To either have a point by point comparison or a block comparison.

Identify all of the similarities and differences and then decide on a conclusion of which subject is more beneficial to the topic.

To use comparison or contrasting essay vocabulary to ensure that both topics are being equally compared and contrasted. EX–> like, similar to, unlike, on the other hand, etc. It’s not happening to new Canadians, Sapsuckers, residents of the Atlantic provinces, left-handed people, doctors, blacks or Indians. If it were, there would be riots in the streets. Civil liberation would be howling for Justice.