Proving it and making the realize.

Every living thing has a problem. Tree has a massive problem of getting cut down and losing all the branches and leaves. Insects and animals think about how to survive on daily basis. The clouds have trouble thinking where to shower and lose their tears.

Moreover, even humans have a problem with themselves. They just want a way to make their life one more step ahead of what they encompass. For it is true, humans can never be satisfied, that you give them one thing and they want something more.And this is said in disparagement, where as it is one of the greatest talents the species has and one that has made it superior to animals that are satisfied with what they have. When a child is born in a family, a stamp is put besides his name that the family expects him to become a doctor or an engineer.

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It is planned that what school or university he shall be applying to. The poor kid has no idea that his tree will be planted by his parents and he won’t even have a say about what kind he wants. It has to be proved to parents that kids have their own interests, own likes and their own obsessions. For example; you want to be an engineer. You’re brilliant at Math and Science. But your mom expects you to be a writer.

You have actually hidden this dream of yours since childhood. Nobody knows of this dream of yours. But trust me it has to get achieved. But how? You don’t even have a say in it because probably you’re a respectful child and want to fulfill your parent’s wishes. But what about your wishes? Your dreams? Did you ever think about fulfilling your own dreams? Start living up your dreams because you don’t know if you are actually going to live tomorrow.

If you take your decisions with the wrong perspective and agreeing with the world then your life is hell. In the future, you are actually going to regret the decisions you took in hurry because then the people will not support you in your life. It is your life, it is your decision. No one has to have a say in it. According to the rules of esteem, people can give you suggestions but you, only you have to decide what’s your future going to be.

Getting faster, competition, wealth, pride, egoism, selfness, parsimonious and being hoggish are the common habits found in humans. If you go one step ahead, your competitor tries to go two steps ahead. Competition is that one thing that makes a person desperate of achieving the higher position among all the people. Competition can ruin people, it can make a person lose their respect and make them worthless. It can be found in winning, money, race and religion. Humans have a bad habit thinking that they want to accomplish every mission, every race has to be won by each contestant playing the game.

But that is not possible at all. Somehow no matter what you have to accept the reality. You have to accept the truth. It is okay to lose sometimes because as they say that if you lose, you’re going to learn from your mistakes and try to overcome them. The word FAIL itself means F- FirstA- AttemptI-InL-Learning.

You cannot just say that it’s the END of your world; End meaning E-EffortN-NeverD-Dies. If you have NO as an answer, you just have to think that NO means N-NextO-Opportunity. But are we really realizing that we can actually be successful and happy with all these hopes and inspirations? Sadly, the answer is disappointment and disapproval. I’m not insinuating in any way, shape or form that what people are doing in this world is dismay/disillusionment. It just hurts me that there are such habits in us that we are not trying to improve and are actually ruining our own future.

It’s just not about us; it’s about the future generations as well. Time. Time is what we want the most, but what we use worst. Many people do not understand the importance of time. Significance of time is really important in our life and we have to take care of it really well.

If you do not value time, time will never value you. Let’s say, you have a meeting for your job tomorrow in the morning by 6 o’clock, you set your alarm for 4;30 so you could have time for shower, breakfast, dressing and getting in time. Night passes and alarm starts ringing. You snooze it for 5 minutes thinking that you’re actually going to get over with your morning routine really fast and you have one big juicy hour to squeeze your routine in but the trouble is you think you have time. You keep snoozing it and after half an hour you’re just wondering where to start because your plan just got garbage. Do you really want your life to work this way? Regretting on your laziness and not valuing time are the main destructions of your life.

Time is not going to wait for anyone. You can’t actually take the clock hands and stop it from moving. It’s got to move no matter what. Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it.

Once you’ve lost it, you can never get it back. So this is just how it works. When you have perfect timing, you have perfect moments which leads you to a better life. The way we spend our time defines who we actually are. I would like to end my essay saying that nobody is perfect in any way.

You remain what you are. Nobody changes you in any way. It’s you that can change yourself in good ways. SOMETIMES change is good. Change yourself in a good way.

Imply influence and inspiration that is really healthy for your enhanced life. Everyone goes through hard times, but we just have to face it with strength and boldness.