Public Education Leading to School Dropout Rate

America is now facing one of the biggest problems today; students aren’t taking their education seriously, and it provided free public education for millions of kids to be able to achieve their goal in life, and students are not taking it seriously.

Students must take public education seriously, because there are many countries in this world don’t have it available, Mexico and some part of Africa, that’s why many people from different countries can come to the United States to get free education. Public school can offer free scholarship to many students when they’re serious and working to their fullest potential in school to go to college. There are many students in the United States aren’t taking their education seriously, because their parents don’t value their education and they drop out of school when they are teenagers so they want their children to do the same thing. Students are not getting any encouragement from their parent to make them to put full effort in school. Students are committing crime and getting involving in drugs; alcohol and pregnancy in school that making them to drop out of school. The school dropout rate is getting higher in the U.

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S every day, and it need to decrease; because Students are not achieving their goal and dropping out of school diploma. Teenagers are not working to their fullest potential to become somebody in life, and they are making negative decision to drop of school, and their life is getting miserable because they are getting an unstable that can’t help them to take care of their family or to even pay their house bill. This can cause teen to end out in the street doing drugs and following bad friend that will lead then to jail. Teenager are going in jail and facing the consequences, and getting the punishment for the crime they committee. Many teen are spending the rest of their life in jail, because they did not follow the rule or take their education seriously.

Teen rather committee crime to go to jail, then to go to school to become a better person in life. Although some student’s work to their fullest potential, and other student don’t, U.S students must take public education seriously because it helps them achieve their goal in life, and it is an opportunity that children in other countries don’t have available.