Puritan Outline


**Thesis: The arrival of Puritanism in New England had diluted the current society of New England colonies, influencing new colonies to differentiate from average Chesapeake colonies in societal relationships, religion, and commerce. *Paragraph 1 Topic Sentence: Puritanism helped change the typical social and religious atmosphere of New England, focusing on strong family oriented communities and Puritan values. • The purpose of traveling to America was less focused on investment and settlement, than escaping religious persecution. • Tightly-structured communities, the majority consisting of family units • Emphasis on family, “combined efforts of husband and wife,” and education *Paragraph 2 Topic sentence: New England colonies have also developed new economic policies; originating from lack f tobacco profits, straying into shipping, farming, fishing, and lumbering. • New England colonies less concerned for commerce, then expansion for growing settlements • Unlike Chesapeake colonies, tobacco wasn’t a “merchantable commodity” due to its inability to be cultivated in Puritan territories; profit orienting from sale of supplies and land to immigrants, and shipping • Largest shipping fleet in the colonies *Conclusion Topic Sentence: The new wave of Puritanism in America, set off as series of consequences that affected the social, religious, and economic configurations of New England, including emphasis on families and the introduction of American Puritanism.

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