Quantum Software Case Study

In order to keep the morel and sprit up, Quantum recognizes that their employees eve been working extra hard and they want to compensate them by having a weekly “Beer Bust” party. Bill Carter, the corporate attorney, doesn’t agree with the “beer bust” Idea. Instead he believes that serving alcohol at a company’s sponsor party can be a big liability to Quantum. A “beer bust” sounds fun and relaxing. However Bill Carter makes a good point, serving alcohol at a company’s sponsor party can be a huge liability on the company’s future.

Recently an employee by the name of John Hooker lost his balance and fell on the snack table during one of the “beer bust” events.

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Luckily John didn’t get hurt. When having these types of events the company cannot guarantee that a person like John will not over drink and possibly drive home drunk and cause a serious accident. These are all things that Quantum needs to take into consideration. Accidents happen all the time and Quantum needs be aware that these “beer bust” can be a great liability to the company. I can understand that Quantum wants to reward their employees for their hard work.

Working long days 6 days a week can get over whelming.

What Quantum needs to do is analyze the situation. The company is growing really fast and they need more people. Hiring more programmers can help balance their work load making 8 hour days 5 days a week possible. I don’t think that having a weekly “beer bust” is a permanent solution. It is obvious that employees at Quantum like to be recognized for their accomplishments and hard work however in the beginning of the case study is it mention the most of the employees drop in to “unwind” to these ” beer bust” events.

Most, meaning that not everyone who works at Quantum shows up or participates in these” beer bust” parties. What I would recommend quantum to do at this point is to ass out an employee surveys and ask their employees what they want or prefer. Some employees might not like the type of environment and rather spend their free time doing something else. Others might Like the Idea of working fewer hours and having weekends off as a reward.

An employee survey can actually help the company out by providing feedback and letting the company know what they Like and dislike. The “beer bust” events have been going on for a while and have become a sort of a company’s tradition.

I’m not saying to eliminate the whole “beer bust” events. The “beer bust” parties can be a great way to socialize, relax and unwind. Having social events Like these can help co workers become closer and share Ideas and knowledge which can be beneficial to the company.

If Quantum decides to continued the “beer bust “parties, what needs to be done is that they need to need to get with Bill carter, the corporate attorney and come up ways to handle a situation if it occurs. Limiting the number of beers a person can have at each event can help by not over drinking or Day provoking some sort AT transportation sun as Duds or taxi to take employees back home after a “beer bust” event.

These are rules that can be implemented by the many in order to not only save Quantum from a future law suit but also to save a life.

The fact that both Eric and Stan are not really listening to Bill’s concerns can and will affect the company’s future. Bill is the corporate attorney and he knows the law. I would recommend bill to talk to both Eric and Stan another day. Eric and Stan are in a relax mode at this point probably had a few drinks or two and might not think that what Bill has to say is quite as important as it really is. Scheduling a meeting with both Eric and Stan and going over what can happen if they don’t start implanting rules.