Racial Profiling

There is no law that racial profiling can not be used in law enforcement, and also some profiling is just human nature. But what happens when cops take it too far? In one incident from East Haven Connecticut, this was the case. Four officers where arrested on federal charges of harassing and intimidating members of minority groups. In this group of East Haven Police Department this was not just the problem. The chief, Leonard Gallo, stepped down during this time.

Chief Gallo was not charged with any crimes, although many find it strange that he stepped down during this case of this alleged racial profiling and deeply flawed police practices. Although His lawyer stated that this resigning was “not in any way be constructed as an admission of guilt”. And yet another twist in the story would be if former Chief Gallo should have been fired rather then resigning; his termination package would have been reduced by about $130,000. Mr. Brow, the boards chairman said “It’s like rewarding him for these behaviors”.

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This case had much controversy, like with a similar event the Penn State Scandal with Joe Paterno. What gives this highly recognized figure of justice a right to just step down during this time of turmoil in the department? Was he the one who cultivated the racist and dishonest police force? Stating the obvious, the case is tainted by racial bias and other indications of prejudice in the police system in New Haven. The mayor and community should seek strong representation for a just police department in the Latino community of New Haven.