Racism Is Still a BIG Problem

Racism is still a BIG problem! Unfortunately racism is a way of life in America. Although racism is institutional and common it is also unnecessary, because the culture and population of America is made up of multiple ethnicities. Racism is also wrong if not hypocritical because we are raised and influenced by ethics teaching us “All men are created equal” (Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence). What is the point of racism? America needs other ethnic groups and “races”.

The majority of U.S. citizens have been racism taught all through their lives. Racism occurs daily all over the world, brainwashing Americans that racism is okay, but it isn’t. How would you feel if you were a mother worrying about your child being killed, beaten, or bullied just because they’re black or hispanic? How would you feel knowing your children are going to have to deal with being discriminated against their whole lives ,and maybe not even being able to find work? Racism is such a part of our society we have become blind to the horrible truth about our culture.

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It is an institutional as well as a frequent problem. What is racism? Racism is hatred. It is intolerance of another race. Even African-American preschoolers are discriminated against. These children make up only 18% of preschoolers, but half of the out-of-school suspensions in preschool are given to African-American children (Jeff Nesbit). As people get older the prejudice gets worse.

Black children are 18 times more likely to be tried as adults than white children in the court systems of America. Out of the children in prison 60% are black (Jeff Nesbit). A study of Americans showed even if your name sounds “black” or “hispanic”it is twice as hard to get a job compared to someone with a “white” sounding name. These are just some examples of racism in America alone (Jeff Nesbit). Also the average net worth of white American families is $265,000 while the average net worth of black american families is only about $28,500. This staggering gap between incomes has tripled in the past 25 years alone (Jeff Nesbit).

Men and women have devoted and sacrificed their whole lives just to convey that humans are able just unwilling to change for the better. We are able to allow “little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers” (Martin Luther King Jr.). Racism is unnecessary. Racism is something man-kind has struggled with from the beginning. Essentially racism in addition to any prejudice is fear of the unknown, unpredictable, and different.

It is accepted and ignored. In American society it has become our culture’s ugly little brother that nobody wants to talk to but is inarguably here. A recent survey showed 56% of Americans show anti-black sentiment, and 57% of white Americans have anti-hispanic attitudes (Brittney Cooper). Even after electing an African-American president the majority of our country is still sitting in a rut of racist views, the truth is diversity helps everyone. Diversity drives creativity.

It pushes exploration of new information and ideas, leading to better decision-making and problem-solving (Katherine W. Phillips). Just in New York City alone out of 567 police shooting victims ,74% were black, 21% were hispanic, and less than 3% were white(Jeff Nesbit). In this past century the civil rights movement finally occurred demanding society to change, for people to change. In India Mahatma Gandhi peacefully pushed for equality, in South Africa Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison and gave up fatherhood and his freedom to win equality for the people, and even Albert Einstein said “racism is a disease of white people”.

People throughout history who are admired by global and American culture still do not have their words honored. Admittedly our country was founded on the backs of slaves, but America grew from the ideals of freedom and justice. How long will it take for our country to be a place of true and pure freedom and justice? It’s time for racism to come to an end. Just keep an open mind and realize we’re all humans, we all have the same roots and DNA. The color of skin is just a reflection of light interpreted by our eyes and brains. There is already enough conflict and violence in the world don’t add to it.

Stop it. “I am not a racist, I make jokes about racism and race because I think it is a joke. There is only one race- the human race” (quote by a pair of street performers I met in D.C. who were just trying to make their way in the world.) Americans all over claimAmerica is the best, and people from all over the globe have been striving to get to America for centuries to restart.

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