Rare Species

Rare species are also endangered by the extreme hunting. Poaching is most evident in the African regions, especially on the elephant species. In large seas, there is also extreme hunting for the sharks. Statistics shows that at least ten sharks are killed daily worldwide, thus putting the species at the verge of extinction. Most of the oils obtained from the sharks are used for making the medications.

The tasks obtained from the elephants are termed as the ivory that has a lot of demand. This demand makes it hard to curb poaching activities altogether, since the human race is only interested in the money profits at the expense of the creatures (Hamilton 2010). The elephants and other large mammals, such as the bears are the best tourist attraction sites. The trick bit is that they are the ones also prone for the hunt activities. To reduce this, there should be enough security for these spcies to avoid them from being killed. Poachers should be warned, and hefty punishments offered to the culprits.

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There should also be enough education for people to know how much these creatures are to the human race through awareness activities.There is also direct relationship that exists between the creatures and the human race. It is said that the dolphins can save the human life. However, the human being is never friendly to the dolphin. There is a scene, where the sea is termed red with the dolphin blood.

The dolphins are hunted and even sent to the restaurants for fresh stews. This describes people as inhuman towards the other planet creatures. The human beings can be termed as greedy and only do what benefits them only. There is; however, a way to avoid all these inhuman killings. Alternative means that making money should be employed through creating enough job opportuniities to help reduce those involved in the hunting activities for an income.

Sanctions should also be imposed to regulate the numbers of dolphins killed (Crosby 45). ConclusionThere are many questions that have been asked by many on how important it is to take proper care of the species. People need to know that the extinction of animal species on the planet directly leads to the imbalance in the ecosystem. This, as a result, will lead to the imbalance in the food chains, hence making some species to exploit the others and even extinct others comply. When a creature is extinct entirely, it becomes unattractive for the human race hence a decline in the country’s foreign earning since tourists will be no more. It is, therefore, essential to protect and conserve the environment we are in since our activities have direct and indirect effects to the species on the planet.