Reasons for Studying English Translation

Translation studies, in recent years, have become more prominent among different fields of study.

Each year with more journals and essays being published concerning this major, more attention is focused on it and more students are attracted towards it. There are different reasons for people to focus on this field of study. Reasons such as field of interest, communication aims, job opportunities, etc are some of them which are explained in what follows.

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The firs reason for most translation students is that this major is included in their field of interest. This is an innate ability in some people to learn different languages easier and faster and therefore to make use of them to convey their messages and ideas to other people with different languages from theirs. In other words they enjoy communicating with people in two or more languages, so they might follow their interests and choose this major.

The next is that the need for communication among people and governments increases day by day. People of different nations need to know about sciences and technologies newly discovered. To keep them informed about these new events, governments need translators to convey their scientists’ findings to the languages of other nations. This is also true about different cultures of different countries. All in all translation studies has made the communication between cultures and nation easier and more purposeful.

Moreover, since this is a major involved in different majors and people need translators to translate contents of other sciences to other languages, there often seems to be many job opportunities for those interested in this subject matter.

In short, it should be taken into consideration that different people have different reasons for choosing this major. But whatever the reasons might be translation studies has found its way among different majors and will progress to make communication even better and easier.