Rebuilding Lego Group

Introduction Lego is a collection of toys used by kids for making mechanical models. The Lego Company is responsible for manufacturing the toys.

It is a private company based in Billund, a city in Denmark. It began in a workshop that belonged to a carpenter from Billund whose name was Ole Kirk Christiansen. Most of the products manufactured at Lego include colorful plastic bricks that are interlocked which usually come together with an array of gears. Other products also include minifigures and a number of other products. Various items are made by interlocking the bricks in various ways to construct objects like buildings, cars and working robots.

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The objects constructed are dismantleble able and the same bricks used to construct other items. Originally, made in Europe during the early 1940s, the toys gained international appeal in all other countries. The Lego pieces have remained compatible with all the others despite the difference in design, purpose and time of their manufacture. Their pieces made for young kids are also compatible with those made for teenagers. The material in Lego pieces is a strong kind of plastic known as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS).

The Lego Mindstorms is a collection of robotics that are programmable or a combination of toys useful in construction of a certain object. Mindstorms got it name from the book known as Mindstorm children, computers and powerful ideas. The Lego Company is the sole producer of the Mindstorms. Within the Mindstorms package are pieces of cables and sensors as well. The first production of the Mindstorms, released to the market in 1998 became marketable commercially with the brand Robotics Invention System (RIS).

After the first version, there followed a second one which bore the name Lego Mindstorms NXT The last and the most recent version known as Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 entered the market on august 5, the year 2009. Mindstorms kits are useful in educational fields. One has to purchase the software separately. Its components include a pair of touch sensors, light sensor, ultra sonic sensor, three lamps and a sound sensor.The Lego Company has been witnessing high profits since its launching.

To achieve this, there are the critical factors that require keen consideration. The Critical Success Factors stands for any aspect that is important for an organization to reach during its running. For the success of the company, these core factors are important to all workers. Data analysis and business analysis field commonly used this term within their organizations. To yield high levels of profits, these factors must be proceeding well.

They also call for a very special kind of attention. Various steps undertaken by the organizational staffs have pulled the success within the Lego. The ownership of the company has been hereditary. It moves on from one person to the other within the same family lineage. This has ensured that the running of the company is effective and efficient. The company has been observing the performance management program that was set in 1999 and the People Review Program, which began its operation in 2002.

These programs called for intense managerial support to make them effective, which has made their company successful. The workers within the Lego Company showed great skills in managing and making the running of the firm successful. The senior managers within the firm require effective management to ensure good operation of the company. Good teamwork by the workers and the managers has also played a big role in taking the company to greater heights. The Lego managers have also practiced deployment of woorkers in various firms. This affected a minimum number of 300 workers who work within the middle management and the higher management team.

This succeeded a main deployment, which would affect almost 5000 people. This ensured more efforts towards work hence mass profit gains. Lego Company united with the SuccessFactor Company, which would help it achieve great success in the coming time. There are professionals in the SuccessFactors Company who offer useful and vital information concerning the success of a certain company. This helps the company in draining away the ill politics that tries to eliminate motivation and quick performance by workers.

The keenly managed and executed internal growth has created room for the production of similar success in delivery to customers. These factors have paved a softer terrain for the excelling of the Lego Company.Conclusion Lego Company began in a minute area by a carpenter who began by making wooden toys. It later developed to a commercial and worldwide company under hereditary management. With the Lego Company being the fifth among the best companies worldwide, it has managed to reach all countries of the world. This has helped them in increasing their sales hence high profits.

It produces a variety of goods for use in different fields. There are the core factors that have helped the company to move on well. Ensuring effective management within the company and unity among workers are among these factors. With the company collaborating with the SuccessFactor firm, they have been able to get useful ideas for their company’s success. Deployment and employment of workers helped the firm increase in both outcomes and profits.

This has helped it remain recognized all over the world and hence smooth running of it has been constant.