Reconstruction Plan

Although the civil war was over there were still many difficulties during the reconstruction plan. Some like The Ku Klux Klan group and the Jim Crow Law.

All of this is based on one thing how african americans rights were denied during the reconstruction plan. Honestly I think the Jim Crow Law is unfair. The Jim Crow Law was a law that separated whites and blacks. Since the whites started fighting against african americans Jim Crow thought it was best for community to stay apart. So he decided to form this law to separate whites and blacks from fighting each other.

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One quote to back up my answer is, “Redeemer governments also introduce legal segregation that forced separation of whites and African Americans in public places”. Another topic to support my statement is the Plessy.v Ferguson case. Plessy was against this segregation he then sued the railroad company for arresting him for being in a white car but the Supreme court decided segregation was not illegal, it separate but equal.

One quote to support this is, “segregation was allowed said the court, if “separate-but-equal” facilities were provided.” Another problem during the reconstruction plan was the Ku Klux Klan group. The Ku Klux Klan was a secret society who thought that african americans shouldn’t be able to become office holders or anything that has to do with the government. So they fought for what they believed in even if it meant killing a human being. One piece of evidence to back up my statement is, “Klan members wore robes and disguises to hide their identities. They attacked and even murdered african americans, white republican voters and public officials usually at night.

” A second piece of evidence to back up my statement is, According to the political cartoon by Thomas Nast K.K.K were people who used weapons to put fear into african americans and also murdered them. It also showsthat they used disguises to hide their identities. After many lives were sacrificed. African americans rights were limited and or denied during reconstruction.

In my opinion I think african americans have every right to roam free around the country like the rest of us. Without any rules or black codes or with a dangerous group killing people just like you. And I don’t think there should be any segregation because it’s completely unfair that you can’t even be on the same railroad cart as white people without getting arrested.