Reflective Essay

“College is like a mountain, the view is better once you have been through the valley.” This quote is showing me that if I do all the work and get through the tough days, it will show in the end. College makes me work hard in high school and work for my belongings and everything I need and want.

Going to College is a big goal in my life. Being educated, getting a good job, and meeting new people are the biggest reasons why I want to go to college. Being that education is the base of all of college. I am going to go to college for mostly that. I want to be educated to get a good job. To be able to have lots of choices in a career and serve a good purpose with my job.

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Being educated is a huge component in getting a good job. Having lots of career options is great, so I can find out what I want to pursue. With my education I want to serve a purpose. I don’t just want to go to college for 4 years and then throw it all away. I need to use the education I earned, like getting a job. Getting a good job is mostly the only reason people go to college.

A good job can help me support myself throughout life. It will make my early years in college a lot easier if I don’t always have to worry about money or losing my belongings. And it can hopefully support my future family. Over time in my job, I will move up in the ranks and earn more money to support my family. Plus if I’m going to pay off all my College debt, I’m going to have to start early. A good job will really help pay off that over time.

Getting some help with college is going to be necessary, so meeting new people and creating relationships with friends will be very beneficial. Meeting new people can make college a lot more enjoyable. I am on my own for the most part when I’m in college unless I meet new people. Getting to know my roommate or the teachers will make college easier. They will help me through the hard times when no one else can.

I can have lots of fun hanging out with my new friends when I’m not in school, which helps me relax a little and leaves the stress behind.They also can teach me things that I never knew. Like how to manage your time wisely, between homework, classes and parties. Being educated, getting a good job, and meeting new people are all big reasons why I want to go to college. Going to college has been a goal in my life. I won’t stop until I get through college.

Every step the mountain peak gets closer but the valley has just started. Right now college is just a goal, but in a small amount of time, it will be a reality.