Regal Marine Case Study

  1. The product must be innovative such that they will introduce a feature that no one has ever thought of. This requires heavy out of the box thinking. Moreover, other than innovation, they should make sure that the product lives up to the mission of regal Marine that provides high quality and value to the customer. However, I believe that no matter how good a product is, I believe it must be market well to succeed.

2. Quality – I used this criteria because this is part of the mission of regal marine.

It’s focus is to build high quality product that gives value to it’s customers.

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3. Process selection and Design – I believe Regal Mariner’s process in terms of how it manufacture it’s boat needs to be more efficient. For instance, it should try to lessen it’s dependence on labor and become more assembly line intensive. There are benefits using repetitive processes that are proven to have increase productivity in terms of products through historical data.


Inventory – Based on the video, regal marine has a huge inventory of boats, they should adopt and efficient order basis assembly line like the one used by Toyota. They should adopt a more efficient ordering system and use the kamikaze concept. The inventory needs a lean process of doing fast assembly on an order basis. It must however stock on the parts necessary to forecast the demand of boats per month.

As delays could also be costly.

Regal Marine Case Study

5. Human Resources – I have noticed in the video and large of my criticism is that the assembly of hulls are done manually through labor.

I believe that this should be automated to also prevent any health issues with it’s laborers.

6. Scheduling – It was not stated in the case on how scheduling is done. However, my suggestion attention must be given to a proper demand forecast to plan the production times of the boats. They should also know what season is peak when ordering comes so as to have a capacity plan of labor to avoid delays.

Scheduling is important based on peak seasons.

7. Supply chain management – It is wise that Regal marine has established partnership with part suppliers. This way they can diversify the design of their boats based on the selection of vendor’s parts they can choose from. This is one of the strengths I have listed.

8. Maintenance – I listed maintenance because plant capacity and product quality apneas on well Tunneling Tactless.

9. Location – I believe the location in Florida is good per SE for selling but not for manufacturing. Regal should keep it’s brains on Florida but should have plans to outsource to cheaper labor if it plans to stay competitive.

10. Layout – The layout of regal marine seems in the video to be well organized and clean based on the video. This is important because great organization is efficiency in itself and has won many battles before it began.