Relationships Imagine this:Your crush just asked you out.You’re delighted, you feel like everything is right with the world.One week turns into a month, then three.As weeks go by you no longer feel that “spark”.No more of that happy feeling running through your body.

No more connection, all that happiness down the drain.Nothing else special happening, just the same things over and over again.All those cute nicknames you’ve been called have no meaning now.The time and effort, what happened to that?Everything is falling apart.You’ve been stressing about the problem, bringing down your grades and having unstable emotions.You’re emotions have turned on you.

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You don’t know what to do, butbreak down and cry.Do you feel all those emotions building up?If you do, then you’re a victim of a relationship.One way to prevent becoming a victim is to avoid being in a relationship, and wait for the right time. However, before I get into how to prevent yourself becoming a victim, what is the definition of a relationship?Well, it means “an emotional and sexual association between two people.”(Google, 2016)Studies have proven, that what you gain from a relationship is “higher happiness levels, more motivation from your partner, more love, opportunities, and fun.

“(Psychology Today, 2012)Trust me, that’s only the positive effects of being in a relationship.How you ever thought about the negative effects? What would go wrong?I interviewed some of my fellow classmates and they had more negative, than positive events that happened in their relationship(s). Most of them said that you wouldn’t focus much on anything, other than your partner. According to research, there are far more outcomes of being in a relationship. “The earlier you start to date, you’re most likely to do drugs, be unstable, and emotional.

“(Newsweek, 2013) You wouldn’t want that to happen right?On the other hand people that have dated multiple times are most likely shooting for disaster, and are most likely to drop out of high school.Dating would cause your personal life to not be private anymore.So, if you were to breakup with your partner you would face gossip from anyone, and your breakup would be exposed on the internet.Doesn’t that make sense?You would be the talk of the town if you’re ever broken up with him or her.Do what’s best for you and your health. I strongly believe waiting for the right time is the way to go because you would be more aware of what you want and need in your life.

Your partner would help you grow as an adult and bring the good side of you, being loyal and trustworthy.Trust me, waiting for high school is better than middle school.In high school you have more freedom to show your love and affection towards each other, taking whatever risks of being judged and handling it.There are also way more opportunities for you and your partner, like going on actual dates and cheering for each other in some type of activity.Those perfect opportunities is the right time to spend lots of time together.

Hear me out, high school is like a jungle, everyone is trying to find themselves, and we all need someone to help lead the way to find our happiness. In conclusion, relationships have their ups and downs.A relationship has many ways of being different, having their own meaning to them.Everyone handles them in a way, either emotionally or physically, maybe even both.Waiting for high school to be in a relationship is a smarter way to handle such a being step in your life, finding a partner and wanting to be with them for a period of time.

Just wait for the right time to be with that perfect someone. .