Religion in School

Religion can have a major impact in one’s life. It gives great positive encouragement and can give people hope for what is going to happen when they die. It gives people something to look forward to. Belief in a higher being is a good thing to in cooperate into schools because at a young age you can weigh the different options of what you believe and you have your whole life ahead of you that can affect your decision. Throughout generations this has been one of the major things that bring people together.

Since the beginnings of time people have based their lives off of morals and beliefs. Unlike the past time we have the freedom to decide which religion we choose to believe in. It shows people that they are never alone and brings unity and peace between others. Religion can make a person become more disciplined in ways of living in high moral standards as well as a thought of someone or something knowing what you do all the time through the good and bad times. All these things show why religion should be incorporated into our school curriculum. Religion should be incorporated into our schools because it is good for kids to weigh different options.

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At a preteen to young adult age it is very good. Religion can give people hope for what is going to come about in their lives as well as a hope for something greater when they die. If you don’t have religion in your lives then what are you living for? Most may answer materialistic things but you won’t have these things when you die so again I ask what are you truly living for? It can help to make life easier if you have someone to go to when ever and where ever you want. It can be a marvelous thing for someone to have in their everyday life because it creates good habits and helps you to connect with people better. Religion can affect your life everyday and this is why we should have it incorporated into our curriculum.

Religion can bring about good morals and values in life. Most religions are based upon doing well in life and working for others. It also helps you to realize to be thankful for what you have. You learn to value family as well as friends. Good morals come with good manners which are highly respected in today’s culture. Even if you don’t believe in a certain religion it doesn’t mean that you can’t live by the morals.

These great thoughts can help you to use your conscience more often which is a very good thing; this can help you to make great decisions. Religion can be a great example of ways to live out your life. It can bring unity between people as well as a thought of something greater then yourself. It brings unity by teaching people how to love and show compassion to one another. Religious unity soothes the barriers between conflicts by showing a peaceful and loving heart. It also shows that you can live for something or someone greater rather than materialistic items.

If we all had these things in our lives we would create a better more powerful community. Religion gives great life lessons which are another reason it should be in our school learning systems. In conclusion religion can be a great thing to have in your life for many reasons. Some of these reasons are that it can give you encouragement to live for something. It may help you to base your life off of good morals, as well as value family and friends. It will help you make good decisions in your life.

It will also bring unity in between your relationships. Religion helps people to realize that there is something greater than them. All in all this shows that we should incorporate religion into our school systems because as a younger child you can learn to live your life in these ways before you hit the real world.