Religion Reflective Paper

Introduction: Devout deemed to bear mature personality and perpetual posture. In the religious behavior it is important to have perpetual posture and mature personality to deal with different settings and it is more important when it comes to a pastor. Moreover, there are many events and settings arrive in the life of a pastor who eventually himself have to control them through his command on religious theories and to be the in-charge of sacred serenity of the suburbs. Therefore, there is much responsibility imbed on the pastors to handle the variety of settings in a decent manner. Thereinafter, Beverly’s book “the places you go” also depict and describe the communal personification of a pastor and its social as well as religious responsibilities.

The responsibilities and communal personification of a pastor demands special psychological as well as communal posture from him. Concisely, the book “the places you go” is about religion, poster, relationship between the religion and pastor and responsibilities of a pastor in the variety of settings he attends in his life. Religion, pastor and the book: Religion and the pastors are very strongly interlinked between each other. The duty of a pastor is to explain, narrate and perform the advices of religion in the holy boks. According to the “the places you go” a pastor has to perform his duties at different settings like hospital room, jail, nursing home, funeral home, and/or as the pastor’s study.

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These different settings have many dissimilarity, dilemmas and rules which are absolutely varied from each other. However, the book has vigorously identified, defined the difficulties faced by the pastors during their job and give solutions to cope the difficulties in a good manner. The author Urias Beverly has brilliantly portrayed the different settings and vigorously pointed out the cruelties faced by the pastors. But, the most appreciably thing is he has provided the solution of the cruelties faced by the pastors. That’s why this book has achieved a unique success with the uniqueness of the subject.Variety of contexts Monday through Saturday: Beverly has exposed and explained the variety of contexts which happens through out the week in the life of a pastor.

At the same time, Beverly also offers some concrete steps to minister the variety of contexts encountered by a pastor. In this regard he explains that a pastor should develop conformability and compatibility to each context in the variety of settings he attends. In the reference of varied settings it is important to have mature personality and full knowledge of religion to face and attend the contexts gracefully. Otherwiise, it would be hard to handle the situations arise as well as it would create bad impression awful paradigm of a pastor’s. Pastor’s personality: The book verily refers to the personality of a pastor.

The writer does hard work to present a personified personality of a pastor through the steps advised in the book. However, in a general sense and overall observation the personality of a pastor is actually a reference of his standard. Urias Beverly has provided the real steps to minister the setting the very diverse contexts encountered by a pastor. Therefore, it is better to have sound base of knowledge, mature traits of personality and compatible emotions to deal the variety of contexts and settings in a vigorous manner.Conclusion: At the end of treatise, it is better to revise and take a glimpse of entire essay.

A pastor is considered as the in-chief of the sacred of the suburbs. Therefore, it is significant that a pastor must possess mature personality, sound religious knowledge and stable emotions to deal with the verity of settings arrive in his life. And it is only possible if a pastor keeps himself comfortable with the activities he performs. The book “the places you go” also depict, describe and provide solutions to the dilemmas faced by the pastors.