Essay on Renaissance Art vs. Baroque Art

Renaissance art and Baroque art have lots of subject, but I’d like introduce three topic : statues, paintings and furniture.

The one thousand years in the middle ages were dark, and the Renaissance was like a bright star that brought light to the cultural revival of Europe. So, the Renaissance was born at the end of the dark age of the middle ages. On the other hand, Baroque was born in 17-18th century in Italy. It mainly exists in the form of anti-religion. It broken the implication, seriousness and balance of the Renaissance, and upheld luxurious style. First, let’s talking about the statues.

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Renaissance’s statues were pursuit –word choice wrong perfect, like Michelangelo’s statues show us the beauty of muscle strength. Also, it shows people symmetry. The Baroque show us ‘dynamic’ , is not in the stillness. Baroque statues were different of Renaissance statues, people get a very heavy feeling. I also want to compare thesetwo cultures different styles of painting.

The Baroque’s painting usually showsreligion themes, warm colorsand the scenery is always combinedwith people. But the Baroque’s art gives people a magnificent feeling . Because in that period people paint pictures were very colorful. Baroque’s paintings were intense exercise, since the ornate as a whole. These two periods also differed in theirfurniture.

Renaissance period furniture wasserious, and work was simple and a lot of furniture wasfor a palace. Baroque wasdifferent. Its work delicate, normal people also can enjoyed it. Overall, regardless of Renaissance art or Baroque art, allcultures have their own characteristics. Also, if we want to know more about this which one? culture, we need study more. But I think Renaissance art show people calm pictures.

And Baroque art give people lots of energy. Both of two art have different culture so became different value. I prefer Renaissance art, because the painters who were born in Renaissance period, their art were give people calm feeling.