Report on Hazira

One striking feature in all organizations was the very less human resource used in the plants, most of the operations being conducted automatically and quite a few jobs being out-sourced to other specialized companies. The safety is another aspect that the companies are very much aware of, with special suits, helmets, goggles, ear plugs, safety shoes being deployed for safety of employees. For on field employees the special dress code is a must, though for people in the administrative department there are no such regulations.

In case of emergency, Emergency Response Teams are immediately formed and various Fire Safety departments are engaged, who take care of the situation.

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Another aspect, which came to light in GSPC-Niko plant, was the time that had to be spent in offshore platforms was 14 days with a break after that period. The company ensures that the employees do have enough social interaction and maintain a healthy work environment and also to prevent high attrition rate. Amongst all companies, SHELL seemed to be the most professional in its outlook with respect to dealing with administrative matters.

These Oil and Gas companies are profit oriented organizations taking adequate care of their employees while they are in this “High Risk, High Gain” business.